Celebrity Spotlight: John Savage

John Savage is one of the most recognized faces on TV and in movies. He has appeared in everything from Twin Peaks to Everwood, impressing us with every performance. The character actor is nothing short of incredible and always leaves people wanting more after every performance. 

Now John can be seen in SEAL Team as Emmet Quinn, the father of Sonny. In a recent interview with TVGrapevine, he gushed about his time on the show and working with AJ Buckley. For him, it was not only an incredible experience, but was something that touched his heart.  Emmet has to help Sonny deal with the aftermath of being at war.  It is something that John has first hand experience with, which made the project even more special. He is grateful for the storyline and message the show is bringing because he knows what it feels like to have a family member come home a different person due to PTSD and things they have seen while at war. (Out of respect for John and his family,  I will not share his personal experience.) 

He thinks that the show did a wonderful, realistic job of showing the father/son relationship and how each of them dealt with their new normal. He looks forward to seeing the reaction of the audience and is grateful that he was able to tell and share this story. 

John also discussed his respect for the military and first responders, especially in the time we are currently facing. He has nothing but respect for them and thanks them for all they do and are continuing to do in these changing times. He knows it is difficult, but wants to tell them that things will get better. He also advises families to be patient with their loved ones and give space when it is needed. 

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 John’s big heart and empathy in these times is wonderful and genuine, and truly what we need. Thank you, John!

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