Sammi’s Favorite Things: The Wave

The wave

It is no secret that I’m a major movie buff. Every time a new movie comes out, I am excited to check it out and add it to my collection. 

The Wave is no exception. Released a few short weeks ago, the movie tells the story of man named Frank who goes out to celebrate a promotion with his friend Jeff. Things get crazy when Frank is drugged and ends up on a weird journey between fantasy and reality. 

In a recent interview with TVGrapevine, both Gille Klabin (director) and Carl W. Lucas (writer and producer) discussed how much this movie meant to the both of them. It was a passion project that was done among friends and something that was years in the making.

Carl is especially excited for viewers to see the sci-fi horror twist in the movie. He loves how it all came together and how well the actors (which included Donald Faison and Justin Long) worked together. He had nothing but good things to say about each guy, but especially bonded with Donald. He said that they worked so well together that he wishes he could cast him in everything! 

Gille, for his part, revealed that he did a lot of work himself, while still sharing the experience with friends. He is excited to see the outcome of the movie and how fans react to it. He agrees with Carl that it was a wonderful experience and he hopes to work with the cast and crew more in future projects. 

While the movie may be on its way to becoming successful and unforgettable, the most important part of it is what happened behind the scenes. This incredible team of workers managed to make an incredible movie and proved that teamwork and a good work ethic are pivotal in becoming successful. That is the most important lesson I’ve learned from both men and something I think about when watching the movie. It is one more reason I look forward to seeing what they do in the future. 

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