Oprah Kicks Off 2020 Wellness Tour


Oprah Winfrey is going to star 2020 with a bang. The iconic talk show host is doing a wellness tour called “Oprah’s 2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus.” She is in collaboration with WW for the tour.

According to Extra, she has enlisted some of her famous friends to help her, including Lady Gaga. “She is the truth, and she was born that way, and has been telling the truth for a long time, and I think nobody gets ahead in their life unless they are really willing to strip away the layers and live the truth for themselves,” she said of the singer.

Oprah also told the newsmagazine that  her message is to encourage people to live a healthier, stronger, more confident life. “Everything starts with the center of you. There is no strong, powerful life without a spiritual life. I do not mean religion, I mean what is at the core of you? What actually makes you tick? What is your the essence? That is your real job to figure that out. It’s about that thing that makes you you… ‘What do I want?’ and to be able to answer that from the spiritual core and not the external, material core.”

“I want people to leave here feeling more strengthened and literally more empowered to do their best, be their best,” she concluded.  

More details about the tour will be revealed as they become available.


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