Celebrity Spotlight: Sadie Calvano

Sadie Calvano is best known for her role as Violet on the CBS sitcom Mom. She also appeared Suspicion, Melissa and Joey and The Perfect Daughter. 

Now the young blonde can be seen on the CBS All Access series Why Women Kill, which is created by Marc Cherry. The show focuses on women from different time periods dealing with the men who have cheated on them. Sadie plays April, a woman from the 1960s who is filled with secrets, but also has a loving side. 

In a recent interview with TVGrapevine, she revealed that she prepared for the role by talking to her grandmother and Marc Cherry about what it was like living in that time period. She also watched movies to give her an idea of what to do and how to act. 

The biggest challenge, however? Wearing the clothes required for the role. Since the show takes place in the 1960s, she is required to wear corsets and garters, which she admits was not at all comfortable. However, she did say that the wardrobe people were phenomenal and helped her look her best. 

Sadie also loves that this is her first dramatic role where she plays a woman rather than a young child or teen. She feels as if her character April is very passionate and complex, with a lot of aspirations. She admits that April does do some questionable things, but thinks that overall, she is a commendable character. 

As for what is next, she is working on her vintage clothing company Ome, which can be seen at the Rose Bowl Flea Market. She is also very busy with the show and excited to see what happens next!

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