The Bachelorette Men Tell All Recap for 7/22/19

Tonight is The Men Tell All night on ABC’s The Bachelorette. Several of the eliminated men will return to face Hannah Brown for the first time since she let them go. They will discuss drama, life since the show and what is next. We will also get more in depth with the Luke drama.

First, we pick up where we left off in Greece. We are prepping for the rose ceremony when Luke decides to come back to get some things off his chest and see how Hannah feels. He even has a ring for her. 

Hannah gets a pep talk from Chris Harrison before going into the rose ceremony.When she walks in, she tells Luke to leave and says she is about to go psycho if he doesn’t leave. He keeps trying to talk and she keeps telling him it is over and to go away. He won’t take the hint, even when she moves the rose podium and the guys all get in his face to make him leave.

OMG, this goes on for several more minutes and Hannah is more patient than most people would be….I myself would have punched him by now.

FINALLY! Chris shows up and asks her what she wants to do. She wants him gone and he finally takes the hint and leaves. Chris also tells her Luke was ready to propose. The other guys are cheering over the fact that Luke is gone. 

Back to the MTA. Chris talks to Luke about his time on the show and what he hoped would happen. He wished Hannah would have given him clarity and basically repeats everything we just saw. I am so not repeating it again. He repeated the same stuff and how he will not change a thing and the guys ganged up on him and oh, poor Luke! We wasted almost an hour on this dude. 

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Devin comes out and tells Luke off and tells him he wants to control women to feel better about himself. He gives him what for and says Hannah only needs to be rescued from him. 

Devin for next Bachelor? 

The other guys at the reunion: Connor S, Luke S, Luke P, Dustin, Matteo, Grant, Mike, Cam, John Paul Jones, Dylan, Brian, Daron, Garrett, Devin, Jonathan, Old Matt Donald, & Ryan. Thank you, Reality Steve!! I only remember like, five of these guys due to the Luke drama. 

However, we get more Luke drama and…..I swear, this is driving me nuts. ENOUGH!! Mike tells him he brought a lot of the drama on himself. 

Connor tells him he is glad he came here to face the music, but nothing changed. He also thinks Luke deserves everything he is getting. 

Luke finally admits he made mistakes and wants their forgiveness and support as he changes. 

Mike says that is not happening and Garrett agrees.  Garrett also chimes in and says he owes the final three men apologies. 

The guys all attack him and they honestly need to stop giving him so much attention. Cam does, however, quip that he made him look like a saint. 

Basically every guy has a chance to yell at Luke for his behavior….but Matteo at least tries to be nice and has been punished enough. 

Luke then says he is a born again virgin and wanted to make sure he and Hannah were on the same page. Jonathan then calls him out on his hypocrisy and Luke admits he is hurt by their actions and wants their forgiveness. 

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OMG, are we STILL on this Luke BS? ENOUGH!!

Finally! John Paul Jones gets into the hot seat with everyone chanting his name. We get a recap of his time on the show, which is kind of adorable. He actually gives the other guys credit for his attention. He also appreciates the attention he gets and even has a woman come into the audience to meet him. She also cuts a piece of his hair. He is going to be on Bachelor in Paradise! 

Chris then celebrates JPJ’s love for chicken nuggets by giving everyone some to eat. Well, for him to eat and toss into the audience. 

So far all I got from this episode is the fact that I want chicken nuggets. 

Mike then takes the stage with as much cheers and applause that JPJ got. We get a recap of his time on the show and I have a feeling they are setting him up to be the next Bachelor. He kind of reminds me of Michael B. Jordan. 

There is a Bachelor Live on Stage hosted by Ben Higgins? I hope they come to my town. 

Hannah comes out and says it is surreal to be in the room with these men. She talks about her experience and then it becomes the Luke show once again. She tells him off again and proves again she is a bada$$!!! 

Mike gives his support and she thanks him. They share a sweet moment and I think they became best friends. 

She also shares some sweet moments with other guys, including Garrett, who wishes he could have helped her more. 

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Hannah hopes her relationship with Luke can help other women in similar situations.  She and JPJ also banter a bit.

BLOOPERS!!! This is always my favorite part of every MTA and WTA.

OK, Hannah, honey? Why are you apologizing? You made a mistake with Luke, but no need to apologize to everyone. She is right though, women can learn from this.

The night ends with a finale sneak peek. Stay tuned!

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