Celebrity Spotlight: Anne Marie Cummings

Anne Marie Cummings is the epitome of a strong, powerful woman. She may have only been in show business for a short time in LA, but she has proven to be a force of nature. Not only is she a triple threat (acting,  directing and writing), but she is someone who stays humble and down to earth.  

The Conversations in LA creator recently took time out of her busy schedule to talk to TVGrapevine in an exclusive interview. During our time together, I learned many lessons, all of which will not only that help me in my career, but will help me become a better woman.

Anne Marie is incredibly powerful in her career, making everything happen all on her own. The triple threat moved to LA only a few short years ago, where she began to make a name for herself in TV and film. She got the idea to make Conversations in LA based on her own theatre experiences and says it all happened organically. She is grateful for every moment of the experience and had nothing but good things to say about her cast and crew, which included Lou Diamond Phillips. She said that he was one of the most genuine, appreciative people she ever worked with, making the experience that much better. 

However, the most important thing I learned from Anne Marie was how to be a hardworking, strong woman. Her determination and work ethic are second to none and she is someone we should all aspire to be. She is the poster woman for not settling and going after what she wants. She expects the best and will not rest until she gets it. Although it is difficult, Anne Marie continues to work hard and stay focused on everything she does, including her new film, which is in the works. She is an inspiration and someone I hope I could be like in the future. 

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Author: Sammi Turano
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