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Do you do a lot of traveling? Are you a germaphobe?  Do you wish there were a better, more effective way to make the germs disappear? Mangiacotti has the solution!

Ah, lets think about those approaching warm days of outdoor fun, travel and adventure. Not to dampen your enthusiasm, but as you bask in the summerness of it all, there are some health issues — beyond sunburns — that spike when we travel and are worth paying attention to…like germs. And while soap and water are our best defense to ward off germs, travel often takes us to places where we can’t always wash and protect properly…until now…

Introducing Mangiacotti Hand Sanitizer Spray, a small travel-sized “germinator” that delivers BIG killing 99.9% of the germs we come in contact with. This revolutionary little bottle contains an alcohol free, medical-grade sanitizing solution enhanced with therapeutic essential oils and moisturizing agents for the perfect blend of science and nature germ fighting.

FDA classified, alcohol-free, anti-microbial (there is a peel back FDA certified label on the pump bottle) This lifesaver is formulated with benzalkonium chloride the same “Medical Grade” anti-microbial used in hospitals to prepare skin and hard surfaces for surgery. Benzalkonium chloride kills germs including viruses, bacteria, fungus, staph, protozoa and even the flu virus.  One spray of Hand Sanitizer Spray kills germs in seconds and provides a protective anti-microbial shield for four hours while moisturizing hands with fragrant, healing essential oils.

Mangiacotti’s Hand Sanitizer Spray comes in six specially blended therapeutic essential oil scents each imparting a subtle pleasant light fragrance: Jasmine Plum, Clementine, Lemon Verbena, Ocean, Lavender and Pomegranate.

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The sanitizer provides protection against microbial activity for 4 hours. Unlike alcohol-based products, Mangiacotti’s Hand Sanitizer does not sting on contact, chap or dry hands, or strip away natural oils that help skin retain moisture but delivers super moisturization as it cleans and sanitizes even the most sensitive skin.  The 0.5 fluid Oz. spray bottle is compact and includes 100+ spray applications.

Suggested Retail Price $6.50. Available nationwide at specialty, gift and department stores or

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