Will Trent Recap for 5/14/2024

Will Trent Recap for 4/30/2024

Will Trent Recap for 4/30/2024

-There is a murder right out of the gate….who wants to bet it is connected to the wedding?

-Will is channeling Sheldon Cooper with his complaining about going to the wedding.

-Trent, Will Trent. Stupid, Real Stupid.  I love the banter between Faith and Will.

-If she wanted peace and love, she should have gotten a dog. I can’t argue with that logic.

-Faith’s son dropped out of college, Will is pretending to be a lawyer and the photographer may have been the dude who was murdered…this might be the craziest wedding I’ve never been to!

-That bartender has the hots for Faith.

-The kids who stole the booze are going to find the dead body, aren’t they….

-Yep…..called it….and now they and Jeremy are being held hostage by two killers.

-Do you want to make this wedding black eye optional? I just adore Faith!

-Why is the whole wedding being held hostage at gunpoint?

-Will’s flashbacks always make me cry.

-I am completely SHOOKETH watching this…..my heart is literally racing!

-Why is this Franklin paperwork so important and why does it take priority over a murder?

-Dinner jacket….you look calm, do you have a plan?

-Will wants them to keep calm and shut up, but Patty wants them to spring into action.

-Will and Jeremy are taking that advice and moving the dead body….and then what?

-Faith….what exactly is the plan here? You’re in the room with the gifts……

-Will is pretending to be lawyer Ricky Morales as he tries to reason with the killers….I am not exactly sure what his endgame is here….

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-Will/Ricky’s payment is a stick of gum and a handshake.

-Michael and Angie are at the diner where Crystal works….he thinks she is acting out because she has a hickey and Angie thinks she is really doing her schoolwork.

-Faith, honey, it was SO OBVIOUS this dude was part of the killing group…..but at least she was able to kill him.

-Who knew a fax machine could come in handy in 2024…..let’s just hope someone else has one so she can actually send a fax!

-I am Woman King from William Sonoma. I am going to save this wedding.

-Of course, the pen is out of ink.

-If you have a pen, I will forgive you for holding my son and his friends hostage. Why is this episode unintentionally hilarious.

-Angie is so protective of Crystal….I just hope Crystal realizes it is for her own good.

-Faith asking for a pen in the middle of a hostage situation…..did she not have lipstick to write with?

-This situation is completely out of control.

-Patty faking an asthma attack to save everyone else was probably the best idea Will had this whole episode.

-At least Faith got her pen….but will someone find the fallen fax?

-Oh, crap! The female killer found Faith’s bag!

-Faith fighting her to the Cha Cha Slide and Patty dancing is making me laugh way too hard.

-Dominique is killed and Jeremy and one of the kids are being held at gunpoint.

-Get your hands off my son! Get her, Faith!

-Finally! Someone found the fax!

-Why would they think Will would be able to open the safe?

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-Everyone is coming together to save Will, Faith and the hostage, proper procedure or no.

-Faith opening a lock with a corn ear holder….where the heck did that come from, did she steal it from the wedding gifts?

-Faith, now is not the time to lecture Jeremy about college.

-Will, hurry up! Do something and save everyone.

-Did that dude really shoot at a Roomba?

-YESSSSS! Faith escaped and Jeremy tackled the female killer.

-Will got the dude with the power drill as the cops come to her rescue! Everyone is safe!

-The poor kid is having the mother of all panic attacks. I can’t blame him….and just want to give him the biggest hug ever.

-Amanda checking in on Will and Faith in such a maternal way makes me so happy.

-So….it was a drug den in plain sight? I didn’t see that one coming, but it is the only thing that makes sense.

-Faith invites Amanda over, but not Will? Rude!

-Faith and Jeremy having a sweet mother/son moment (with the Roomba being his little sister) about his new job is so beautiful.

-Angie staying with Will is so sweet. Even if they aren’t endgame (I honestly think he and Faith are), they have a sweet relationship.

-Angie is making Will see that he is a hero despite his blunder with the safe……he needs that so much.

-I guess I am wrong and Angie and Will are getting together….or is it just trauma bonding?

-Someone give Betty attention!

-More next week, stay tuned!


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