The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap for 5/19/2024

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap for 6/2/2024

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap for 5/19/2024

-We are back at the Jersey Shore! As much as I love seeing these trips, I miss the old school Christmas episodes.

-I never understood why these women had to be Team Teresa, Team Melissa, Team Whoever….why can’t someone just get along with everyone? I know Dolores does, but it always seems to result in a lot of bitching and complaining.

-Jennifer’s Turkish breakfast looks amazing….eggs, Turkish bread, olives, tomatoes…..yummmmmm…..

-Should Jennifer and Dolores really be discussing the problems with Melissa in front of Olivia? These are not problems for the ears of kids! At least Melissa has the decency to not discuss things in front of her kids.

-Melissa’s brown confessional look is giving Britney in 2000 vibes.

-Wait….Joey made the call because Margaret suggested it and to ‘talk’ it out, but Bill thinks he genuinely wants to make up and spend time together/get the women talking.

-Bill and Dolores think that Joey really wants to apologize, while Jennifer thinks it’s fake and Paulie….I honestly have no idea what he thinks.

-I can’t get over how grown up Teresa’s daughters are.

-Gia crying over her sister leaving is making me cry. I love how close the girls are.

-Joe Giudice joining everyone via FaceTime and getting along with Louie is so sweet.

-It was nice of Louie’s son to offer to help the movers.

-Exit movers, enter a rehash of drama and lovey dovey moments with Teresa and Louie.

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-Joey’s birthday party has Italian cake, lots of friends, booze and…..a blow up doll where people take shots from the ass? Alllllllll righty, then!

-Frankie! How are you, dude?

-That pizza station looks amazing!

-The guys all seem to be getting along, thanks to Frankie and Paulie playing Switzerland, it seems.

-Wait, Bill declined the offer to go to the party? I thought it seemed like he was cool with Joey? Maybe he declined the offer due to Jennifer? I am so confused.

-Seeing the Gabriella montage is so cute.

-This blow up doll shot thing is…..a choice.

-Seeing Jennifer and Olivia at the carnival is so cute….and it seems more fun than the party.

-Frankie asking Dolores for permission to propose to Brittany is very classy and sweet. I love how close they are even though they went through so much. They are the NJ version of Dorothy and Stan Zbornak.

-Margaret, Jen has every right to talk to Teresa. Just because you don’t like her doesn’t mean that everyone else has to shun her?

-Also, Jackie is right. Who cares what people think about Louie?

-What has gotten into Margaret…..she is being so nasty over this whole thing. No one has their ‘heads up Teresa’s ass.’ They are friendly with one another….let it go!

-Jen wanting to be civil is probably the most mature thing we have seen. She is angry now, yes, but she handled the Teresa thing gracefully, which, to be honest, is the smart thing to do. I know I would NOT want to be on Teresa’s bad side.

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-REALLY? Not wanting to get involved in drama is considered disloyal? I think it is being mature, but that is just me.

-Joey breaking down over Antonia leaving is really sweet. He seems to really be taking it hard.

-Happy birthday, Joey.


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