Masterchef Junior Recap for 4/22/2024

Masterchef Junior Recap for 4/22/2024

Masterchef Junior Recap for 4/22/2024

-The top six on Fox’s Masterchef Junior are in a pancake race.

-The kids are in teams of two and the one who makes the most plates of pancake stacks (complete with fruit, syrup and powdered sugar) will win the challenge. They will have to all be up to Masterchef standards. The winners will not only be safe, but they will be able to throw pancake toppings on one of the judges.

-The teams are Remy/Alfred, Michael/Jordyn and Bryson/Asher.

-The banana pancakes Bryson and Asher make sound delicious.

-Remy and Alfred struggle with making pancakes, with Alfred getting even more nervous as time goes on.

-Jordyn breaks a pancake as she tries to flip it, so she and Michael decide to put the ugly ones on the bottom.

-Before long, time is up and the judges must look at their plates of pancakes.

-The winner of the challenge is…..Michael and Jordyn. They are safe from elimination and in the top five. They decide that Aaron and Chef Ramsay are going to get blasted with pancake toppings. Once they are done, they go up to the balcony for some ice cream sundaes.

-The remaining kids have to make ice cream desserts.

-As they make their desserts, the judges walk by, offering advice and giving commentary.

-The fact that they are using liquid nitrogen is interesting. I guess there wasn’t enough time to use an ice cream maker?

-Bryson’s pecans burn and he has no time to make more, therefore, stressing him out.

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-Jordyn and Michael share some of their ice cream with Tilly and Chef Ramsay.

-Bryson works on a way to make his dessert work.

-Alfred elevates his dessert by adding whipped cream to it.

-Before long it is time to present the desserts.

-Remy: She made chocolate peanut butter ice cream with a peanut butter skillet cookie, ganache and whipped cream. The ice cream is good, but the cookie is a bit undercooked.

-Alfred: His cornflake crusted pecan ice cream with bananas and whipped cream is delicious, especially with the addition of the hot honey sauce…despite it being a mystery addition.

-Asher: His marshmallow ice cream with chocolate, strawberries and graham crackers is the best they ever tasted.

-Bryson: His pecan ice cream with peaches and cornbread has Chef Ramsay disappointed….because Bryson’s dad isn’t there to taste it since it is that delicious.

-Bryson and Asher make it to the top five, leaving Remy and Alfred in the bottom two.

-Alfred is eliminated. Every single person is crying.

-Chef Ramsay has a race with Alfred as he says goodbye.

-More next week, stay tuned!

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