OWN Network February 2024 Schedule

OWN Network February 2024 Schedule

OWN Network February 2024 Schedule





OWN’s hit series “Ready to Love” returns with 20 eligible singles exploring romantic connections in Fort Worth, Texas, as the series takes place in the historic city for the very first time. Hosted by comedian and actor, Thomas “Nephew Tommy” Miles, the dating series explores the real-life romantic rollercoasters of successful and striking Black men and women in their 30s and 40s as they search for authentic relationships. Each week, the series follows along as couples start budding romances with the hopes of turning those into lasting loves, all while navigating a variety of twists and challenges thrown out from Tommy along the way.


“Pajama Jam” – Premieres Friday, February 9 at 8/7c 

The power shifts over to the men as Tommy throws a Pajama Jam for everyone to explore their intimacy and chemistry. Laron is upset with mixed signals he’s receiving from Koshiea. Jonathan confuses chemistry with intimacy and takes it too far with Alexis.


“Closed Mouths Don’t Get Fed” – Premieres Friday, February 16 at 8/7c 

The women have the power as they set up dates to discuss non-negotiables. Rasheena and Justin heat things up by salsa dancing, while Alonzo and William fight for Patrice’s affection on a group date. Tommy throws an elimination curveball at deliberations.


“Meet The Friends” – Premieres Friday, February 23 at 8/7c 

The men bring in their friends. Laron harbors a grudge against Alexis but tries to keep his party going with Mieka and Mya. Justin juggles his options. Chaz and Dom vie for Vanessa. The William/Alonzo/Patrice triangle gets trickier. One woman goes home.

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“Exes Meet The Nexes” – Premieres Friday, March 1 at 8/7c 

The ladies bring in their exes. Mieka shocks Laron and Justin, but she’s not playing games. Rasheena argues for more communication from Chaz, while he and Dom vie for Vanessa. Mya’s standards scare a suitor. Alonzo has something to prove. A man goes home.




OWN’s unscripted series “Love & Marriage: D.C.” follows African-American couples Jamie and Erana Tyler, Ashley Silva and on-air personality DJ Quicksilva, and Joi Carter and Clifton Pettie, who first became smitten on OWN’s “Ready to Love” in 2021. The group of friends navigate their relationships and tight-knit community while living the powerful D.C. lifestyle.


Episode 125 – “Personal Foul” – Premieres Saturday, February 10 @ 8/7c

Erana’s feelings of Carmen being a threat to Joi and Clifton’s relationship triggers something from the Tylers’ past.  Quick invites everyone to a Wizards game but The Petties’ presence sets Ashley off as things take a turn for the worse.

Episode 126 – “Check Your Sass” – Premieres Saturday, February 17 @ 8/7c

After the ugly argument at the Wizards game, Quick feels a way after hearing Clifton disrespected Ashley, and the group is divided over who’s to blame. Ashley confronts Erana about abandoning her for a friendship with Joi. Winter plans a couples’ getaway.

Episode 127 – “The Joi-less Ride” – Premieres Saturday, February 24 @ 8/7c

The couples leave for Winter’s Valentine’s ski trip. The couples have a good time riding the bus together, but the Petties opt to make their own way and stay elsewhere. Things get even more awkward at the group dinner when Quick brushes off Clifton.

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“First-Time Buyer’s Club” is an authentic and in-depth look at the exciting but complex journey of becoming a homeowner for the very first time, no matter the stage in life. Teacher-turned-realtor Amina Stevens aims to educate and inspire clients who are intimidated by the overwhelming housing market. By providing her expertise and support, Amina is a trusted partner and confidante as she guides her clients through every stage of the home-buying journey. Each and every sale also furthers Amina’s ultimate mission and passion with her work — the building of wealth and the reduction of housing disparity in the Black community. By investigating each client’s unique situation, Amina takes pride in helping her clients break through the myths about home ownership so they can one day realize their dreams.


Episode 108 – “Bea and Berdo” – Premieres Saturday, February 10 @ 9/8c

A pair of soon-to-be-newlyweds are ready to buy their first home together. Amina helps them search for a house that’s within their budget where they can begin married life.

Episode 104 – “Paris” – Premieres Saturday, February 17 @ 9/8c

Amina helps a woman who’s balancing two jobs to navigate multiple setbacks and failed offers, as well as manage her expectations, while they search tirelessly for a starter home that fits both her budget and her needs.

Episode 110 – “Dwayne and Lynnise” – Premieres Saturday, February 24 @ 9/8c

A military family who’s lived in Guam for the last three years has only a few days in Tampa, Florida, to buy a home. Amina gives them a crash course on the local market while helping them search for their dream home.

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