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Kids Baking Championship Recap for 2/19/2024

Kids Baking Championship Recap for 2/5/2024

-Tonight, the kids will be making tarts with food based words written on them….all in two and a half hours.

-The kids trying to spell the words correctly is such a mood. I don’t think I’d even be able to spell these words.

-Camryn’s excitement over peach is so cute.

-Elsie makes a raspberry tart with shortbread and the word caramelized spelled on top.

-Levi’s word is ganache. He makes a strawberry mousse tart with the word spelled with macarons.

-Lila’s tart has a short crust, but it keeps falling apart. The flavor is cherry with diplomat creme topped with the word anglaise.

-Tasi’s word is meringue. Her tart is lemon curd with cinnamon cookies spelling the word.

-Oscar’s blackberry tart with Italian meringue. His word is Chantilly.

-Anaiah makes a pear tart with shortbread cookies and the word tuile.

-Tasi worries because her crust has no edges. Luckily, she has enough dough to make another.

-I love how Anaiah’s made two crusts as a just in case.

-TWIST!!!!! They must add blueberries into their tart.

-Elsie makes frangipane….whatever that is to her tart and blueberry shortbread cookies for the twist.

-Lila adds blueberry to her tart cream.

-Oscar makes a blueberry jam to add to his tart.

-Anaiah’s crusts both break. My heart breaks for her. However, she is able to fix things and make her tart work.

-Tasi’s ‘humpty dumpty’ crust is saved with coating chocolate.

-Anaiah’s blueberry whipped cream is such a good idea.

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-Before long, it is time to present the tarts so Duff and Valerie can give the pros and cons of each.

-Levi and Oscar are the top bakers of the night, with Levi the winner of the night.

Camryn and Tasi are in the bottom two, with Camryn going home.

-Camryn says she is SLIME: Savvy, Loving, Innovative, Mindful and Empowered. That is my new life motto, thank you, Camryn.

-More next week, stay tuned!

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