Young Sheldon Recap for 2/16/2023: A Frat Party, a Sleepover and the Mother of All Blisters

Young Sheldon Recap for 2/16/2023: A Frat Party, a Sleepover and the Mother of All Blisters

Young Sheldon Recap for 2/16/2023: A Frat Party, a Sleepover and the Mother of All Blisters


The episode opens with Adult Sheldon talking about how percussion was used to send messages and how as he bangs on walls to get his across.


Young Sheldon tries to break up a frat party, only to run into Paige. She tells him she is working on an engineering project, but in reality, she is trying to party to look cool. He tries to let the other party goers know how old she is, but she pulls him out of the room and convinces her to get food.


Dale and MeeMaw watch the show Dinosaurs, which he loves and she hates. Mandy comes home with the movie Tootsie, which delights MeeMaw. Dale thinks it is too late to start a movie and debates on where he should stay. She tells him to do what he wants, but he is still unsure. They cuddle and watch the movie.


Sheldon talks to Paige about why she is killing brain cells. She tells him nothing is working out in her life now that she has no friends, no college and no life. They get some pizza and he tries to get her to take the DARE pledge. She is more interested in finding another party.


Mandy is trying to relax, but disturbed by Dale and MeeMaw having sex. She runs to the Coopers house. George and Mary invite her to stay and Georgie tells her that she will be find since they never do anything.

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Paige and Sheldon head to the party. He is reluctant to go, but he does anyway, but only because he needs to use the restroom. He thinks he is in hell, especially when he is called PeeWee and has to wait to use the bathroom.


Dale has a charlie horse and asks MeeMaw to rub it. Mandy tries to get her toothbrush but changes her mind when she hears them again.


Sheldon continues to go through his ‘hell’ when he sees Missy at the party. Her friend Heather’s sister and he admits that he is looking for Paige. He fills her in on what is going on, but she cannot hear him, so he unplugs the music to tell her….only to get them kicked out of the party.


Mandy goes back to the Cooper house, not wanting to talk about what happened. George gets a call from Heather’s mom and finds out Missy lied about sleeping over Heather’s and Heather did the same thing. He and Georgie go to look for her.


At the party, they see Paige leaving with a guy and go to stop her, only to find out she lied to the guy about her age. The guy leaves, Paige runs away and they go after her.


Georgie and George talk about being dads while Sheldon and Missy try to help Paige. Mandy and Mary talk about motherhood over tea.


MeeMaw and Dale are in bed and decide they don’t need to spend every night together. He seems happy about it, so she turns up the AC to make him mad.

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Missy and Sheldon get Paige settled in the dorm room and decide to come up with a story to cover Missy’s behind. He wants her to tell the truth, but she says she will owe him one and he will laugh about this someday. Adult Sheldon says this never happened.


Mary and George talk about Missy and how they should do things differently with their granddaughter, including him wanting to put a tracker on her.


The episode ends with Missy coming home and Mary and George getting ready to talk to her.

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