ID Reveals Black Friday TV Schedule

ID Reveals Black Friday TV Schedule

ID Reveals Black Friday TV Schedule

In need of a fun and exciting way to supercharge your Thanksgiving weekend this year to make it not just about the family and food? Look no further than America’s #1 true crime destination, ID.  Starting this Black Friday, viewers can amplify their holiday weekend by bingeing (calorie free) some of discovery+’s biggest and most gripping original true crime specials of the year featuring hits such as QUEEN OF METHWHEN PHILIP MET MISSY and DOCTOR’S ORDERS on its first ever BIG DEAL WEEKEND beginning Black Friday, November 26 at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery.


Only at ID’s Big Deal Weekend can you spend three days diving head first, from the comfort of your couch, into some of the craziest and most fascinating true crime stories of the year. From a trip to the inside of a multi-million dollar Midwestern methamphetamine drug empire, to the truly unbelievable case of a seemingly innocent love story turned dark and deadly, to an intimate and gripping reveal of a drug-riddled murder-for-hire plot straight from a Pagan motorcycle gang snitch – grab some leftovers, put on a pair of sweats, and settle in for a weekend of the biggest original true crime content ID has to offer.


ID’s Big Deal Weekend programming will kick off with a bang with the hit three-part special QUEEN OF METH on Friday, November 26 at 9/8c premiering back to back that evening. The captivating two-hour special, WHEN PHILIP MET MISSY, debuts Saturday, November 27 starting at 9/8c. All three parts of the riveting special DOCTOR’S ORDERS will then wrap up the weekend premiering on Sunday, November 28 starting at 9/8c

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“This year, there is only one way to spend your Thanksgiving holiday weekend, and that is with ID. Cancel your plans and binge guilt-free on some of discovery+’s most outrageous stories which are premiering for the first time ever on ID, America’s #1 destination for true-crime content,” says Jason Sarlanis, President of Crime & Investigative content.  “If you’re not already a discovery+ subscriber, we hope that Big Deal Weekend will give you a delicious taste of all the gripping true crime shows we have in store for you.”

Details on ID’s Big Deal Weekend below:



Three-Part Special Airing back to back on Friday, November 26 starting at 9/8c

Queen of Meth takes viewers on a deeply personal journey unraveling how one of America’s most infamous, unexpected drug lords, Lori Arnold, turned addiction into a criminal enterprise. Arnold takes viewers back to the scene of the crime in her hometown of Ottumwa, Iowa where for six years, she ran a sprawling, multi-state meth empire and played a key role in the start of the Midwest’s methamphetamine epidemic. Over the course of three-parts, Arnold confronts her past by visiting old haunts and rehashing memories with her friends and family, including her famous brother Tom Arnold. Lori and Tom’s vivid recollections reveal what led her down a drug-riddled path and towards finding herself at the helm of a multi-million dollar drug empire.



Two-Hour Special Airing on Saturday, November 27 starting at 9/8c

When longtime Hartville, Ohio resident Philip Snider’s wife Roberta goes missing, the small town swirls with gossip that he may have had a hand in her sudden disappearance. However, with no evidence to prove it, the suspicion subsides – that is until Philip strikes up an unusual friendship with a young, new resident named Missy. Over two intense, fast paced hours WHEN PHILIP MET MISSY chronicles the dark side of a love story, beginning with a seemingly innocent meet-cute that spirals into something more sinister: revealing twisted secrets and a murder for hire plot, it then becomes a race against the clock for local authorities to expose Philip for who he truly is. Featuring an abundance of real-life footage and archival content, viewers will be on the edge of their seats to find out what truly happened in this jaw-dropping case.

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Three-Part Special Airing Back to Back on Sunday, November 28 at 9/8c

In a gripping special, Pagan motorcycle gang snitch Andrew “Chef” Glick revels every dark detail that led to the 2021 murder of local New Jersey radio host April Kauffman as a tattoo artist covers up his club tattoo that was mean to be a symbol of undying loyalty. Over the course of three parts, Doctor’s Orders crashes into the wild world of motorcycle gangs – one that created an underground Oxycontin ring which spiraled into a murder-for-hire plot, all orchestrated by a wealthy husband who believe he was too powerful to get caught. Glick takes viewers through the fatally twisted tale of greed, murder and betrayal, set against the backdrop of America’s opioId epidemic.

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