Real Housewives of Beverly Hills S10, E13: Drinking, Drama and Dolce and Gabbana

We are continuing the Rome drama on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. When we last left the ladies, Teddi dropped the bomb that Denise and Brandi allegedly had sex….and that Denise was trash talking the ladies.

The show picks up after dinner with the women divided. Denise is with Garcelle and Dorit, completely shaken, while the other ladies are talking about Denise’s reaction.

Hot Topics/Moments:

  1. Dorit really has it in for Kyle not listening to her….and she is justified.
  2. The Lisa/Denise coffee talk is so uncomfortable. First of all, Lisa is lying and Denise is right, she did keep egging Teddi on.
  3. Also, it is no one else’s business if anything happened.
  4. That pasta Dorit has looks amazing!
  5. I am glad Dorit is telling Kyle how she feels and Kyle apologized.
  6. Dorit is right to not take sides and question the rumor.
  7. Garcelle is really in Denise’s corner….and she needs that now.
  8. The Ferrari driving looks cool, but not for me.
  9. I want to go Dolce shopping. Or do any shopping with Sutton.
  10. Now this wine tasting looks like a dream come true. It is literally on my bucket list #40by40WithSammi
  11. Denise, why are you apologizing for Aaron?
  12. Sutton’s shirt reminds me of Dorothy’s wedding dress on the Golden Girls series finale.
  13. Lois needs to come back to the show.
  14. Garcelle is right, Denise needs to defend herself better.
  15. I am so confused…is Denise talking to her or not?
  16. So there is another mole in the group?
  17. Denise won’t reveal anything except Brandi had sex with someone else in the group?
  18. Why do they assume Denise is lying?
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More next week, stay tuned!



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