Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Behind The Scenes 

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition was a hit during its first time on the air and always brought tears of joy to people’s eyes. Now it is back and better than ever with a new host, a new network and the same tears of joy.

TVGrapevine recently talked to Carrie, Darren and Bree (the show’s designers) in an exclusive interview. The three of them worked extremely hard in order to get the houses built, while also working with a group of volunteers who donated their time and efforts to get them to meet their deadlines.

Show Facts:

1. The heart and soul of the show is the same, according to Bree. She said that although the show has been off the air for nearly a decade,we do see some of the same heart and soul. However, Darren and Bree both said that there is new technology and energy displayed in a new way. Carrie added that the design focus is something new that viewers can enjoy.

2. For them, the biggest challenge was building the house in five days and facing different kinds of challenges along the way.  However, according to Darren and Carrie, they were able to get through it, thanks to volunteers and others willing to help. 

turn, led to an emotional reward at the end of each project.

3. Each one had a memorable moment while filming. 

Darren’s was working with a family and seeing their off camera reactions when they saw heir new life and fresh start. 

Bree’s was seeing the representation of people coming together to help one another to make the world a better place. 

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Carrie’s was seeing the bus being moved and the reaction of everyone seeing their new house and the emotion that went along with it. 

Check your local listings for showtimes. 

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