40 by 40 Bucket List Challenge: 1st Recipe Revealed

I have chosen my first recipe for my Julie and Julia cookbook 40 by 40 bucket list challenge. As you know, I chose Snoop Dogg’s From Crook to Cook cookbook. I initially chose it because of Martha Stewart being involved (she has way too manny to choose from, which is why I didn’t choose her’s), but once I got it, I fell in love with the humor and stories behind each recipe he added. (No, there are no herbal refreshments involved)

As I’ve mentioned, the purpose of the challenge is to make every single recipe in the book. The first one I chose was his mac and cheese, mostly because it is one of my favorite foods, it is something everyone in my house enjoys and I am also able to make a gluten free version for my sister in law. I will be doing it this weekend and will have both video and pictures to share.  The prep probably won’t be a live, but I will definitely have something. Stay tuned.

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