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Game of Thrones Streaming Update

Millions of people tuned into HBO’s Game of Thrones for the premiere of the final season. However, did you know a lot of people opted to screen this much anticipated season? Below are some stats from ExpressVPN:

They came, they streamed…but will they keep streaming?

Game of Thrones opened season 8 to record audiences. For HBO NOW, a stand-alone streaming service that doesn’t require cable or satellite subscriptions, viewership rose 50% higher than last season’s finale episode and a 97% higher than the season 7 premiere.


Trend: Not just GoT, streaming numbers are increasing for almost all TV programming events (Super Bowl and March Madness included).


In a new streaming video survey* from ExpressVPN83% of Americans said they now use streaming video services, including 65% that said they use Netflix to watch streaming video content most often, followed by Amazon Prime (41%), Hulu (36%), YouTube TV (26%), HBO Now (13%), Showtime (10%) and CBS All Access (9%).


And while 37% of Americans said they would not subscribe to a streaming video service to watch just one TV series, 32% said they would to watch Game of Thrones, 22% would for Stranger Things and 20% to watch the new Twilight Zone.


For the TV series Americans were most looking forward to watching in 2019, 42% said Stranger Things, 40% said Game of Thrones and 30% for Twilight Zone.

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