Actress Liz Jenkins Talks to TVGrapevine

Liz Jenkins is probably one of the most animated, joyous and incredible people on TV today. She has a huge personality that radiates the room and energy for days. Once you meet her, you feel as if you have made a friend for life.

In a recent interview with TVGrapevine, Liz talked about her time on the his ABC series black-ish. She plays the role of substitute teacher turned principal Ms. Biggs and has made us fall in love with her from day one. It is a job she loves and she always looks forward to seeing what Ms. Biggs will be doing next. She also loves. The amazing opportunities that have come along with the role. The most recent was when she had the chance to work with the legendary Octavia Spencer. Octavia is someone that she admires and respects, so for her, it was a privilege and an honor to have her on the show. Although they did not have any direct scenes with each other, she still loved working with her.

Liz also had the chance to work with another woman she admires on Better Things. She has been a huge fan of Pamela Aldon for years and was thrilled to get to be on the show with her. Liz admires strong, powerful women like Pamela, so for her, the opportunity was something else to check off her bucket list.

She may have worked with amazing, powerful women like Pamela, Octavia and Viola Davis, she happens to be one herself. Liz is hardworking, intelligent and always goes after her dreams. Having someone like her on TV is a wonderful thing for. Our youth today and it is important that people see her as the role model she is both as an actress and a woman.

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