Baby Sitters Club Episode 3: The Truth About Stacey

The episode opens with an advertisement for the BSC competition, The Baby Sitters Agency, or BSC.  The girls are watching. Kristy is upset they used her tag line. Claudia wonders why they aren’t loitering at the mall like normal teenagers. Mary Anne doesn’t think anyone would hire them. Stacey (in narration) says she knows they are in trouble, but is a people pleaser, so she agrees with Mary Anne.

Kristy asks Mary Anne to read the jobs they have lined up. As she reads them off (Stacey with Charlotte, Claudia with the three youngest Pikes, herself with the Marshalls), she says that Mrs. Newton, or Kim, is going to have her baby any day. As the girls squeal, Kristy clears her throat in annoyance.

Mary Anne says that Kim said she would be relying on them a lot to watch her son Jamie once the baby comes. Kristy says they are thriving and the BSA doesn’t stand a chance. However, she wants them stand out, so she suggests kid kits, which have fun toys and games for their charges.

She asks Mary Anne why she loves going to her house. Mary Anne thinks it s because it doesn’t smell like teenage boy, but Kristy says (while that is fair) she loves that Mary Anne’s dad has every board game known to man. 

Kristy goes on to say she cannot wait to go to Stacey’s (which makes Stacey uncomfortable and mumble something about waiting for bathroom renovations to be done before she has them over)and Claudia’s house is the mother lode. Kristy thinks this will be fun and the girls begin to decorate. 

Stacey says while she is glad for the BSC, if they come over, they will find out her secret. She explains (in narration) that six months ago, she was diagnosed with type one diabetes and her mom keeps wanting to hide it. She thinks her mom is ashamed of her and the disease. It especially upsets her when they go clothes shopping and her mom has her hide her insulin pump.

Stacey’s mom makes suggestions on what to wear to hide it and goes to get more clothes. Stacey is annoyed that she left the curtain open. When she comes out, she sees her mom talking to Kim and commenting on how Kim has ten more years before the drama and her kid hating everything she does.

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Stacey tells Kim the girls are excited to watch Jamie and the new baby. Kim says they can come visit and goes to try on clothes. Stacey is confused as to why Kim would say that and hopes she meant babysitting.

The next day, Stacey goes to watch Charlotte and gives her the kid kit. As she goes to play,Stacey feels faint and drinks her emergency apple juice she keeps on her at all times. Charlotte wants some, but her mom comes in and tells her she is not entitled to all of Stacey’s  things. She leaves and tells Charlotte to be good, but Charlotte is more interested in making jewelry from the beads she found in the kid kit.

The girls later go to the park to play some more. Stacey is having issues with her pump, while Charlotte goes to run around. She comes back with a balloon, which she got from Lacy Lewis, president of the BSA. Stacey introduces herself as the BSC treasurer and accuses her of stealing the club idea. Lacy asks if that is supposed to mean something to her and says she is doing it better and Stacey should support women. She says they all succeed when one succeeds. Stacey tries to give the balloon back, upsetting Charlotte. Stacey gives it back to her as Lacy laughs.

The girls try to do more advertising, but the BSA is one step ahead with better swag, such as water bottles and hats. They even prank call the BSC and set them up for fake jobs. MAry Anne gets one for a man named Carl, who screams he can change his Depends himself.

Kristy begins to read The Art of War when her mom comes in with Jamie, announcing Kim is in labor. Kristy thinks the club problem is solved and wants to contact Kim. Liz tells her to wait and tells her Kim might want an older more experienced baby sitter.

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Kristy then notices Liz’s engagement ring, which Watson had sized for her. Kristy thinks it means she is property, to which Liz retorts she will now be known as OfWatson, not mom. She takes Jamie to get food and tells Kristy she can practice babysitting later.

At the very first emergency BSC meeting, the girls discuss why they need to step it up and keep the club going….when Stacey sees Kristy’s brother Sam for the first time. She is immediately smitten as he asks Kristy for a soda. Kristy says check the fridge because she is not his butler. He plays the guitar and Kristy introduces them. She asks where she has been keeping him and then covers by asking about the BSA girls. He is aware of the club, but not that the girls had the idea first. 

As Kristy and Sam fight, Stacey’s blood sugar drops and she runs out, making up an excuse about having to walk her dog, which no one knew she had. 

At home, Stacey is eating an apple when her mom walks in and panics, making her an appointment for the doctor, which Stacey fights her on it. She says it was a low weekend for herself having to get her blood drawn and peeing into cups, while the girls also had a low weekend, trying to get more attention to the club by wearing sandwich boards. They end up just embarrassing themselves, but are glad they got their steps in.

That Monday, Stacey apologizes for not being there, while Kristy makes a snarky comment about her being in NY. While they continue to talk, they see Jamie playing by the street and almost get hit by a car. They ask him why he is out there and he says he did what his new babysitters said to do. The girls barge into the house to confront Lacy and her boyfriend, causing them to fight. Stacey calls Kim to tell he what happened and Lacy says she will regret it. 

Later on, Stacey walks home and gets a text of a video going around of her having going into insulin shock. The BSA is spreading it around and it gets back to the BSC. Kristy questions her and shames her until she admits she is a diabetic and how she was afraid to tell anyone about it. She says the video was made and sent by her friend Laine and it almost destroyed her life. The girls say it will be okay and diabetes is a normal thing for someone to have. 

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They decide to use the video to their advantage by having Stacey and the girls meet with their clients to explain what happened. They are worried of her having another episode, so she offers to resign, until Charlotte’s mom said she figured out she was diabetic and assures everyone she is responsible. The other parents say they admit their kids love the girls, but wanted older sitters. They promise to work something out and ask if they really want bullies in charge of their kids. Claudia takes her hand and Stacey realizes she belongs. 

Later on, she shows off a new outfit showing off her pump to her parents. Her dad says it is awesome and wants her to do his work phone like that. As he goes off to cook breakfast, Stacey and her mom have a heart to heart where her mom says she was only trying to protect her. Stacey asks for a Gucci fanny pack for her pump and her mom says it is a good thing she is babysitting.

The girls and Liz go to visit Kim and the new baby Lucy. They chat about when they were born and Mary Anne is unsure because her mom died and her dad doesn’t discuss it. Liz tells her to talk to Mimi because they were good friends.

The episode ends with Kim letting Stacey be the first to hold her baby and Stacey welcoming her to Stoneybrook.

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