Night Court Recap for Broadway Danny Gurgs

Night Court Recap for Broadway Danny Gurgs

Night Court Recap for Broadway Danny Gurgs

The episode opens with Gurgs, Abby and Wyatt talking about Real Housewives. Dan is uninterested and walks away from the conversation. As he leaves, Olivia walks in, sad that her doorman died. Abby says she is sorry she is sad, which surprises Wyatt, who says she is acting like a Housewife. Abby says Olivia is lying and the man is not her doorman, but someone she used to pretend she lived in a fancier place. They continue to compare it to Housewives with Abby making a cringey tagline, which Wyatt makes gun of.


Later on, Abby tries a murderous mime, who she sends back into the box before his trial. After he leaves, Abby tries to get Olivia to admit she is lying about her address, but no avail, despite the fact that Olivia is acting cagey about getting deliveries.


Director Sy Hoffman is on trial next, which leads to an argument with Dan, with whom he has a complicated history. Dan had invested in one of his plays, which was a flop. Gurgs is fangirling through it all.


Later on, Abby calls Olivia into her chambers to try to get her to admit she is lying about her residence. She finally admits the truth, but admits her relationship with Angel the doorman. Abby realizes that this was a real loss, but it is too much for Olivia, causing her to storm out.


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Dan continues to argue with Sy, who needs him to represent him in court. The others try to convince him to just do the case, but Dan is not happy and refuses.


Wyatt and Abby try to find Olivia after they realize that Angel’s death is hitting her harder than they realized. Abby is there to help, Wyatt is there to watch what happens….live.


Dan and Gurgs visit Sy in the holding cell, which leads to more arguing. Dan finally agrees to help, but wants to know what happened to his money. Sy admits he used it to buy a dune buggy. Gurgs wants to kiss him, but ‘her mouth has other things to do.’


Abby and Wyatt find Olivia at the funeral. She talks to the other doormen, who seem to have some sort of doorman society. They want Olivia to speak, but she isn’t sure. Abby and Wyatt think she should do it, so she agrees to squeeze out some tears while thinking about Titanic. Wyatt gets more snacks.


Sy and Dan talk over lunch, which involves Sy talking about making the trial into a musical. Dan thinks it is crazy and walks away with Sy’s sandwich.

Olivia talks at the funeral and ends up having a meltdown and trying to break into the coffin. Abby tries to rescue her by saving her speech, leading to everyone cheering and Wyatt crying.


Gurgs is doing shots at the death certificate office and ends up arguing with Dan over the Sy situation. He gets his own shot and puts it on her tab.

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Wyatt, Olivia and Abby talk about the funeral, with Olivia deciding to crush everything in her path so she can live in Central Park West for real….not how she pretended to with Angel.


Dan lets Gurgs sing, which leads to Sy popping out of hiding and telling her she stinks. Gurgs thinks that this means she is amazing, while Abby looks for more people hiding in her chambers, while Sy looks for ways to win an EGOT as the episode comes to a close.

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