Robert Durst: An ID Murder Mystery’s Pamela Deutsch Talks to TVGrapevine

Robert Durst: An ID Murder Mystery will air this Monday and Tuesday on Investigation Discovery. To help promote the special, which takes an in depth look at Robert Durst, the mogul-turned-alleged-serial-killer, TVGrapevine talked to executive producer Pamela Deutsch.

Tell me about your involvement with Robert Durst: An ID Murder Mystery.

I’m the network Executive Producer for the series, which is produced by our terrific production partners, Jupiter Entertainment.

 What would you say was the most challenging part of making this special?

I would say that for someone like Robert Durst, who has been widely covered over the years, the challenge is to bring something new to the table.   In this case, we were able to get access to intimate friends and family members that bring such important insight into the story-telling.  We’ve also managed to secure some never-before-seen interrogation footage after Durst’s arrest for the Murder of Susan Berman.  It’s incredibly compelling!   In many ways, we are picking up where The Jinx left off.  On the eve of Durst’s trial, there is a lot off new information, and theories about how the trail of bodies and missing persons might all be intertwined.

What do you hope viewers learn from it?

I think Robert Durst:  An ID Murder Mystery will appeal to true crime aficionados who have followed the case, as well as viewers who are less familiar with the Durst story.  This four-hour special is really a soup to nuts rundown of Durst’s life, but it also takes us into uncharted territory.  New information that has come to light since his most recent arrest.  It’s quite a ride.

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 Do you think people will change their opinions regarding Robert? Why or why not?

I do!  I have covered this story several times during my tenure at ID, and it continues to evolve in very interesting ways.  What emerges from this telling is a sense of the connectedness of Durst’s crimes, and some new theories about his motives and relationships to the victims.   He will be remembered as one of the most complex, fascinating criminals we’ve seen.  This story is the ultimate cautionary tale about celebrity justice.  If you are rich and powerful, you can evade justice for years.


Do you think this special will help the victims’ families get closure?

At Investigation Discovery, having the cooperation and support of family in telling the stories of their loved ones is of paramount importance.  In this case, we have the full participation of Kathy Durst’s family. After all these years, they still yearn for closure.  Keeping the story alive and continuing to ask questions is our best shot of giving that to them.

What would you say is the most standout moment of the special?

For me, nothing is more compelling than hearing from Durst himself.  The exclusive interrogation footage taken after Durst’s arrest in New Orleans in 2015 is something I won’t soon forget.   It will haunt my dreams.

 Do you feel that you personally learned anything about the case that you didn’t already know?

Definitely.  As I mentioned, I have covered this story before, but so much has come to light in the past few years.  In part we have the producers of The Jinx to thank for that.  They have now become part of the story.

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 Anything else you want to share about the special?

Tune in! This special has something for everyone.  New information for the true crime devotee, and for those unfamiliar an unbelievable tale about wealth, deception, depravity and cold-blooded murder.

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