Sammi’s Favorite Things: Hey Bamboo

Sammi’s Favorite Things: Hey Bamboo

There is one thing people always need and fear running out of…..toilet paper! There is nothing worse than needing it and realizing you’re running low and the stores are closed for the night. It is also a challenge to find a brand that works properly for all your bathroom needs.

Enter Hey Bamboo! This toilet paper is soft, durable and environmentally friendly, making those trips to the potty a bit more bearable.

The toilet paper is also run by amazing, powerful women who are as strong (okay, even stronger) than this TP!


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Celebrating its one-year anniversary producing eco-luxe toilet paper that’s safe for the planet and soft on your posterior, HeyBamboo is still on a roll!
The female-founded company, whose bamboo tush tissue has gained traction with conscious consumers as an alternative to traditional and recycled TP, continues to grow, with new bamboo lifestyle products to debut this summer, deals for retail distribution and B2B contracts on the horizon, and its founding social mission to plant a tree for every purchase is being augmented with new family-focused charity partners.
Becoming a toilet paper magnate as a first-time product entrepreneur caught HeyBamboo founder and CEO Joslyn Faust by surprise. After receiving her MBA from Cornell, she worked as a management consultant and tech industry analyst for Gartner. Then, in the midst of a full-time tech marketing directorship for Salesforce, she lived through “the Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020.”
“During the pandemic I learned a lot about toilet paper that surprised me,” says Faust. Like, approximately 27,000 trees are cut down every day to make toilet paper. That’s 15 million trees and 15% of our Earth’s forest literally getting flushed down the toilet every year. As someone

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long passionate about preserving our planet, with trees an important part of the solution, her personal search for alternative toilet paper was quickly stalled.
“I tried many eco-friendly products. Some felt like sandpaper, others easily disintegrated. Some recycled paper and the few bamboo ones I could find weren’t soft, or were bleached. Some of them came in very small rolls or were wrapped in plastic,” she recalls. Enlisting her family in the R&D effort, including her two teenage children, she set out to create a fully sustainable product, strong yet with silky-soft luxury, and competitively priced. The benefits of bamboo soon became clear: it grows much faster than trees – up to 3 feet in 24 hours! – and uses less water. It can be rendered into a silky texture with natural antibacterial properties and strength, making it ideal for toilet paper.
Faust launched HeyBamboo to the public in May 2023. It soon began to gain loyal consumers with its luxe feel: silky, strong, absorbent and dust-free, a three-ply product which frequently required fewer sheets. It’s free of chemicals like bleach, dyes and fragrances, a hypoallergenic solution ideal for sensitive skin. And because it’s made of 100% bamboo, it keeps trees out of toilets while breaking down quite well in all plumbing systems.
With sustainability increasingly important for consumers, especially Millennials and Gen Y, HeyBamboo uses highly renewable bamboo to minimize deforestation and water usage. Each roll is individually wrapped in compostable bamboo paper printed with soy-based ink, and the core is even made of bamboo. Products are shipped in recyclable cardboard boxes with paper tape instead of plastic, making HeyBamboo totally plastic free and zero waste. Certified by the Forest Stewardship Council as sustainably sourced. Furthering its commitment to reforestation, HeyBamboo plants a tree for every purchase through One Tree Planted and recently launched partnerships with several charitable organizations to donate product to families in transition.
Finally, HeyBamboo understands that consumers are getting pinched by inflation. Costing about the same as the leading supermarket brand, each roll of HeyBamboo is made from 360 tightly wound, three-ply sheets, so you get your money’s worth and can replace rolls less frequently. Free shipping is standard for all orders (expedited is also available), with the option of 12 rolls, 24 rolls and 48 rolls. Subscribe and boxes are 10% off, with delivery available every month, six weeks or two months.
Are more consumers, as well as businesses and hospitality firms, willing to see the beauty of light brown toilet paper? When they’re privy to what HeyBamboo is all about, it’s love at first wipe! For more information, please visit the website: Follow on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.
Let the good times roll!

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