Dr Phil Primetime Schedule for Week of July 8

Dr Phil Primetime Schedule for Week of July 8

Monday, July 8, 2024

Show #22001 Control + Alt + Deceive: Teen Boys & Sextortion

ALL-NEW! There’s a dangerous and silent predator infiltrating homes across America, preying on the vulnerability of teen boys. In an era where familial connections are dwindling, virtual sextortionists capitalize on teenagers’ longing for connection, exploiting their impulses and their parents’ lack of tech-savvy. Tamia and Tim Woods talk about how their son, James, took his own life after being preyed on by sextortionists and receiving over 200 messages in 19 hours. South Carolina State Representative Brandon Guffey tells the story of how his son, Gavin, killed himself less than 2 hours after sextortionists contacted him. Rick is a 15-year-old sextortion survivor who says he skipped school for a week and stole from his parents before finally telling his mother, Deanna, that he was being sextorted. Deanna stepped in and reported them to the FBI. Nico is another sextortion survivor who was blackmailed by sextortionists at age 14, staying up for 24 hours before telling his mother, Sue-Anne. Cyber security expert and founder of Bullyville, James McGibney, talks about why teen boys are the prime target for this crime and what parents can do to protect their kids online.

Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Show #22047 Americans Dying to Drink 

ALL-NEW! The latest report by the CDC found 488 people died from alcohol-related issues every day during the pandemic, reporting a surge in consumption that hadn’t been seen in 50 years. But many claim the problem is not getting better. Dr. Phill speaks with married couple Frank and Kirsten, who claim that the isolation from COVID mandates exacerbated Frank’s 1 to 2 drink nightly routine, so much so that his alcohol consumption nearly killed him. Frank says he currently has his drinking under control, but Kirsten says she is concerned. Dr. Phil adds Ken and his wife Kristin, who say their 24 year marriage nearly ended after Ken began abusing alcohol during the pandemic. Now Ken is nearly 1 year sober and has some advice for Frank, husband to husband. Plus, find out what happens when Dr. Deena Manion, a doctor of psychology and the chief clinical officer at Westwind Recovery, offers Frank resources, will he accept?

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Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Show #22033 Forget Retiring, Barely Surviving

ALL-NEW! Tonight, Dr. Phil will be speaking with guests who, despite being fully employed, claim their paychecks are barely enough to survive in today’s economy. Dr. Phill speaks with Jordan and his wife Latisha, who claim that despite both working full time as teachers, they can barely afford the necessities to survive for themselves and their children, including not being able to afford healthcare. Plus, Dr. Phil speaks with Betty, who, at 75 years old, says she is feeling hopeless and physically exhausted because she cannot afford to stop working. Dr. Phil will also speak with Gay and her husband, Don, who claims they have been thrust back into the workforce in their 70’s.

Thursday, July 11, 2024

Show #22074 Take No Bull: The Eight Second Ride

ALL-NEW! Professional Bull Riders (PBR), a sport where everything is earned, epitomizes the definition of Merit. It’s a big part of why MSM has aligned itself with PBR. PBR comes from and is grounded in self-reliant Western values and culture. PBR’s mantra is “Be Cowboy,” which means being tough and courageous while also kind and welcoming, always working hard, and getting right back up when you get knocked down. With millions of fans loving PBR’s message, bull riding is taking the world by storm. Fachon Stinger, co-anchor of Morning on Merit Street, is a proud bull owner with the PBR. She uses her love of bull riding and its prized animal athletes to teach life lessons to young girls in her non-profit, Grit and Grace. Plus, Dr. Phil meets some of PBR’s champion bull riders, J.B. Mauney, Daylon Swearingen, and Cody Jesus. They share their stories about how they grew to love bulls and the original extreme sport. Daylon is joined by his mother, Carrie, who survived a horrifying gunshot to the head when Daylon was just a boy. Daylon tells Dr. Phil how watching his mom’s recovery motivated him to become a PBR world champion. And Staci Addison is a famed bull owner of the record-setting bucking bull named “Cool Whip.” She tells Dr. Phil how she’s spent most of her life bouncing from job to job but then at age 50 with no prior experience, she found her passion… breeding bulls, who in this sport are treated like kings as the real rock stars.

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Friday, July 12, 2024

Show #22031 Cha-Ching Your Children: Is Monetizing Them Okay?

ALL-NEW! Post. Pay. Repeat. With the popularity of social media, many parents have turned to family vlogging as a stream of income. But some critics have raised alarms about keeping kids in front of the camera. Are parents making a conscious decision to monetize their kids? And if so, at what cost? Dr Phil talks to social media parents, a former mommy vlogger, an online safety expert, and the oldest son of the infamous YouTube channel, Daddy O Five.

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