America’s Got Talent Recap for 7/2/2024

America's Got Talent Recap for 7/2/2024

America’s Got Talent Recap for 7/2/2024

We are in week four of the America’s Got Talent auditions on NBC. Terry Crews hosts, while Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara and Simon Cowell judge.


There are nine Golden Buzzers this season, one for Terry and two for each judge. Simon used both of his, while Terry, Heidi, Howie and Sofia each used one.


The show opens with several rejected acts, including a dude dressed as a singing owl, a woman dressed as a tiger doing comedy and another dude joking about goats and fish….moving on.


TT Brothers: They are a comedy team from Tokyo….but they aren’t actually brothers, just friends. Terry joins them to dance on stage as they do an act based around the letter T. If they made it geared towards kids, they would make a great Sesame Street act. It is interesting and cute. I kind of like it.

The judges think it is TERRIFIC and send them to the next round.


Oscar Stemridge: He is a singer-songwriter who performs one of his original songs while playing the guitar. He is only sixteen years old, but he has talent and star quality far beyond his years.

The judges think he is adorable and think he has beautiful talent. He is sent to the next round.


Sebastian and Sonia: They are an aerial duo who met on Instagram. He hails from Colombia, while she is from Spain. Their act is beautiful, romantic and jaw-dropping….I am spellbound by how amazing they are….the chemistry, the story….all of it is incredible. WOW.

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The judges think is a sexy and beautiful act and give them four yeses.



Two more acts make it through without much fanfare….a B-Boy dancer and a beatboxer named Jollux.


Boss Baby Brody: He is an eight-year-old dancer who says his mother is his inspiration. He auditioned in season fifteen and is back for another chance.

His dance has a ton of different genres thrown in….contemporary, tumbling and Jazz….all done to Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen. For a kid, he sure has some moves….he is also adorable to boot!

The judges love him and give him for yeses.

Attraction Juniors: They are a shadow dance group who took six months to come up with this routine. The act tells the story of finding confidence while struggling as a teen. It is moving, beautiful and relatable….it actually makes me cry a bit. These are my favorite kinds of acts.

The judges are blown away and think they did a great job following in the footsteps of their predecessors, who won BGT a few years ago. They move to the next round.


Erica Rhodes: She is a comedian who talks about thrift stores, finding a husband and life. She is adorable, relatable and fun. While we have seen acts like this before, there is something about her personality that stands out.

The judges think she has a ton of potential to go far and give her four yeses.


Menudo: Yes, it is THAT Menudo….as in the band that made Ricky Martin famous. This is of course a new generation of performers, but they are just as good now as they were back then. I have always been a fan of them and am now happy they are back and better than ever. Simon stops them to do another song, and they do just as well, if not better.

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Howie is not a fan, but the others love them and send them to the next round.



More rejected acts, including a comedian/magician names Chris and another comedian named Connett who does a rock and roll jump rope routine while taking off his shirt….



Young-Min: He is an illusionist who uses sand for his act. He is somehow able to create objects and turn them into sand, which is something I have never seen before. This is the kind of act that would have me breaking out my Visa to go and see….I love stuff like this.

The judges appreciate the uniqueness of the act and think it is beautiful, therefore, sending him to the next round.


Pranysqa Mishra: She is a singer who has been working at this for her entire life—and she is only nine years old. She has performed at several Miami Heat games singing the National Anthem.

Tonight she sings River Deep, Mountain High by her idol Tina Turner….she has it all, the voice, the personality, the stage presence….and now HEIDI’S SECOND GOLDEN BUZZER!!!!!!!!!

The judges help her call her grandma to share the news.


More next week, stay tuned.

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