The Wrap Features Larry David

The Wrap Features Larry David

In the cover story, TheWrap posits an interesting theory about the groundbreaking improvised comedy series, which aired for 12 seasons across 24 years: “Curb was the first sitcom about an asshole.”

Highlights from the Larry David cover story include:

  • “…the writers were not judging Curb Larry. They love Curb Larry. Real Larry loves CurbLarry.”
  • “It was different from Seinfeld, where the main characters were selfish and immature, but not assholes.”
  • “The show is wish fulfillment for him… This template of morality that’s been laid on top of everything is a foreign artifact. We’re not thinking about it on a philosophical level. We’re making the thing. We’re not moralizing about the thing.” – Justin Schaffer, executive producer of Curb Your Enthusiasm
  • Curb Larry is commenting on the temperature changes in the water we’re all swimming in. But the water has changed since Seinfeld. The water is contaminated. By the thing water is often contaminated by: assholes.”

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In tandem, as part of TheWrap’s “Collaborators” series, presented by HBO and Max, David’s longtime co-stars J.B. Smoove and Susie Essman engaged in a lengthy and heartwarming conversation about the final season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Watch the exclusive video + read the article HERE.

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