The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap for 6/23/2024

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap for 6/23/2024

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap for 6/23/2024

-Teresa’s Tulum party sounds like so much fun.

-Melissa is doing another fashion show. It is nice of Danielle to help her out. Maybe they can do a fashion collab in the future?

-Jennifer, Dolores and Teresa’s sound bath mediation with all the drama playing in the background is exactly how I feel when I meditate.

-It is amazing how there was so much fighting at a party even without Teresa being there. She may have given a gift with Louie, but she had nothing to do with anything else….yet somehow Melissa brings her up.

-Not for nothing, kids should be off limits in these fights. Gia may be an adult, but she doesn’t deserve to be dragged though the mud or have her name brought up in any of this.

-I am so confused with this Danielle and Jennifer drama with the charity.

-Now we are in a meeting of the ‘I Hate Jackie Club?’ There is no excuse for that text, but she hasn’t done anything the other women haven’t already done.

-Rachel’s kiddos are so cute. I am glad Giuliana’s surgery went well.

-Margaret and Rachel having a heart to heart about their families and health issues they are facing with them is so heartbreaking, but so real.

-Paulie telling Dolores not to get surgery is problematic…..he has no right to tell her what to do with her own body.

-Of course, working out leads to talking about more drama with Jackie. Of course.

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-Paulie wanting to wear a sombrero to Tulum is….oddly cute.

-IS Teresa using Jackie though? What would be the point? She is the star of the show and has no reason to use her….I can see Jackie wanting to get close to Teresa for storyline reasons, but that isn’t really using her, since they all do that.

-I am still so confused as to why Danielle and Jennifer hate each other. I know there was beef at the charity event, but it has to be something more than that.

-Louie telling Teresa to let the drama go was not at all on my bingo card for the season.

-This party is giving out glitter? I want to hang out with Teresa!

-Milania’s dress is gorgeous.

-Gia is so sweet to all the ladies. I love how she congratulated Jackie on her book.

-Jen F walking away from the drama is the most mature thing I’ve seen in this entire episode….or season.

-The mad faces these women have remind me of a group of two-year-olds having to eat broccoli.

-Dolores is doing the right thing by not accepting Jackie’s apology and taking a step back from the friendship.

-This charity fight again…ugh!

-Now they are fighting over a photoshoot that could have maybe been conflict of interest for Jennifer’s hairdresser….so Danielle warned her? WTF? I get hairdressers might get mad, but if it was for an event, I am sure they would understand.

-Whoa, this escalated quickly….hitting each other, Danielle telling Bill Jennifer is the devil….and Bill just quietly eating his food.

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-Bill is all of us right now.

-I have no clue how a courtesy warning about a hair photoshoot led to a wannabe Dynasty fight, but here we are.

-Who the hell is Marissa?

-Bill going to see what happened to his wife is sweet, as is Nate comforting Danielle….can we just have a show with the men?

-As an aside, I love Jennifer’s hairpiece.

-More next week, stay tuned!


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