Bloodline Detectives Hosted by Nancy Grace Returns

Bloodline Detectives Hosted by Nancy Grace Returns

Bloodline Detectives Hosted by Nancy Grace Returns

Renowned legal analyst and former prosecutor Nancy Grace today announced at CrimeCon 2024 Nashville that FilmRise has commenced production on the fifth season of the hit true crime television series Bloodline Detectives Hosted by Nancy Grace, including the 100th episode of the program. This marks a significant milestone for one of FilmRise’s first original productions as a television studio and streaming network. Grace also revealed that the fourth season of the fan-favourite true crime series has just dropped on multiple streaming platforms across the United States to stream for free on platforms including Tubi, FilmRise, YouTube, The Roku Channel, among many others.  


I am a victim of violent crime. I have devoted my life to speaking out on behalf of crime victims and seeking justice for them. Our series, Bloodline Detectives, joins me in that commitment,” said Grace. “Family and friends of those featured on our show have endured years of uncertainty regarding the identity of the evildoers who brutally attacked their loved ones. Through the amazing breakthrough technology of genetic genealogy, we offer these loved ones a degree of closure and, potentially, justice. Reaching our 100th episode really underscores the never-ending mission of pursuing justice for victims. In addition to the victims’ families and friends, our viewers also want justice, and I am so grateful they join us in that pursuit. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the families involved, our viewers, and Bloodline Detectives for joining together with one mission: JUSTICE.”


In the 20 new episodes of season 4, the preeminent legal firebrand and famed former prosecutor takes viewers through the process of how detectives and forensic analysts work to solve cold cases with the use of familial DNA and genealogy. Some of the cases explored in this new season include the 1991 NorCal Rapist, the 1964 murder of Marise Chiverella, the murder of court reporter Nancy Bennallack, and the 1988 Three Rivers Killer in Michigan, among many others. 

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Max Einhorn, Executive Producer adds, “FilmRise launched the first season of Bloodline Detectives Hosted by Nancy Grace in April 2020. This program marked the company’s first original co-production. In the four years since, we’ve added even more true crime original series to our slate, but it all started with Bloodline Detectives. Initially airing on broadcast TV through syndication, it later became available on various streaming platforms. Its ongoing success is a testament to the show’s popularity and the audience’s fascination with the forensic analysis of true crime cases.”


Grace opens each episode by detailing a highly publicized and violent crime where the perpetrator has yet to be identified. She then passes the story to the “bloodline detectives” and forensic scientists specially trained in DNA profiling to reveal the identities of notoriously elusive criminals once and for all. 


Integrating key witness testimony with new forensic and genealogy expert interviews — plus reconstruction and archival footage – Bloodline Detectives Hosted by Nancy Grace is a study in modern and futuristic crime-solving techniques. The program demonstrates how traditional investigative methods can now be significantly enhanced by the ground- breaking advancements in investigative genetic genealogy.  


The series is co-produced by FilmRise, the New York-based film and television studio and operator of the FilmRise Streaming Network, and award-winning Ireland-based production company Peninsula Television. Series host Nancy Grace, John Terenzio, FilmRise CEO Danny Fisher and Max Einhorn of FilmRise are executive producers.



The Peninsula Television production team has been involved in the creation, development and production of numerous high-profile television series and one-off documentaries which have appeared on television networks worldwide.

Productions have focused on popular content with international appeal. From documentaries on subjects like The Brighton Bomb and 9-11, which resonate with audiences worldwide, to new takes on popular historical figures, like Bob Geldof on WB Yeats: A Fanatic Heart and The Kennedys’ Irish Mafia, and leading reality shows like Minute by Minute, these programs have aimed to provide broadcasters with high impact, high quality output.

The company provides a wide range of services, from pre-production right through to scriptwriting and post-production, and our team is involved in the development of co-productions with international broadcasters and producers.

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FilmRise is a New York City-based film & television studio and operator of the FilmRise Streaming Network, the world’s largest independently owned portfolio of ad-supported streaming apps and FAST channels. FilmRise distributes content worldwide, invests in original content and works with digital creators to help monetize their libraries in the greater streaming space. Founded in 2012 by veteran producers and financiers Danny Fisher, Jack Fisher and Alan Klingenstein, FilmRise is a recognized market leader and innovator at the forefront of analytics-led curation and distribution. FilmRise holds a strong market footprint across FAST and standalone AVOD as well as a library of over 30,000 movies and episodes across genres including drama, horror, action, unscripted crime, comedy, classic, holiday and many more.


Television series include Gordon Ramsay’s HELL’S KITCHEN and KITCHEN NIGHTMARES; infidelity hit CHEATERS; classic series such as the iconic THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW and Western DEATH VALLEY DAYS; popular kids’ shows THE WIGGLES and BARNEY; Canadian drama mainstay HEARTLAND; British drama triumphs including PRIME SUSPECT starring Helen Mirren and the Emmy-winning UPSTAIRS, DOWNSTAIRS; true crime & mystery favorites FORENSIC FILES and UNSOLVED MYSTERIES; and more.


Films and documentaries include Spirit Award-nominated drama DRIVEWAYS, featuring Academy Award nominee Hong Chau; SURGE, led by Ben Whishaw and winner of the Sundance World Cinema Special Jury Award; THE SHORT HISTORY OF THE LONG ROAD, featuring American singer and actress Sabrina Carpenter; indie comedy classic PARTY GIRL with Parker Posey; new holiday classic comedy A CHRISTMAS KAREN; and documentary feature THE STATE OF TEXAS VS. MELISSA directed by Sabrina Van Tassel.

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FilmRise original productions include true crime series BLOODLINE DETECTIVES HOSTED BY NANCY GRACE, KILLERS: CAUGHT ON CAMERA, MURDERED AT FIRST SIGHT, FilmRise has produced PBS doc series ICON: MUSIC THROUGH THE LENS as well as for digital creator superstars PRESTON & BRIANNA, UNSPEAKABLE, UNCLE ROGER, viral sensation HOT ONES and many more.


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