America’s Got Talent Recap for 5/28/2024

America's Got Talent Recap for 5/28/2024

America’s Got Talent Recap for 5/28/2024

The season premiere of NBC’s America’s Got Talent is here! We have Terry Crews back as host and Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara and Simon Cowell back as judges.

This season, each judge gets two Golden Buzzers and Terry Crew gets one.


Los Osos High School—Dance Group: They are like High School Musical come to life. It is a cute routine with lots of fun choreography. It is like cheerleading meets dance troupe and shows the best from each genre performance.

Heidi and Howie aren’t sold on it, but Sofia and Simon love it. Despite her misgivings, Heidi ends up giving them a yes, along with Simon and Sofia. Howie says no.


Baby Dev—Math Genius: Devon is a math genius at age two…and is accompanied by his proud father, who is a retired police officer. He has Howie give him two numbers (7 and 9) and  correctly multiplies it. He does the same thing with the numbers given by Heidi, Sofia and Simon, this time doing addition and more multiplication, respectively.

This kid is better than math at his age than I am at age 40….just saying. As an aside, my cat McNab is completely mesmerized by the entire thing….he seriously cannot stop staring at him.

Terry quips that Devon is better than math than he is at age 55.

They get four yeses.


Crazy Sam—Magician: He is from Taiwan and here to live the American Dream. He uses cards to make his fingers disappear and reappear. Then he makes his ring and fingers slide and move…and it is like nothing I have ever seen before.

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He gets four yeses.


Amy and Daisy May—Dog act: Simon is enchanted by the dog and keeps sending it kisses. There is another dog named Clifford who is watching because he is being trained.

The act itself is cute….with Daisy May running through tunnels, jumping over hurdles and doing an obstacle course. It is adorable! Clifford is not amused or interested in the act despite Amy and Daisy May’s encouragement. He tries, but fails at completing it.

Simon is not impressed even though he loves Daisy May and gives her kisses. The others agree and send everyone home.


Learnmore Jonasi—Stand-up comedian: He is from Zimbabwe and cannot wait to share his talent with the judges. His act is about living in Zimbabwe vs. America and compares driving, cell phone coverage and social media. The whole routine is hilarious, cheeky and probably one of the best comedy routines since Tom Cotter.

The judges love the entire thing and send him to the next round….AS IN HE GETS THE FIRST GOLDEN BUZZER OF THE SEASON FROM TERRY CREWS!!!! The fact that he considers Terry his hero thanks to White Chicks makes this even better.


Ashlee Montague—Ballet dancer: She has always wanted to be a ballerina, but was always told it wasn’t in the cards. Now at 33, she is proving everyone wrong. Not only does she dance on pointe,  but she dances on wine bottles fifteen feet in the air. I am in awe.

The judges are shocked that she was able to add such danger to ballet and give her four yeses.

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Reyna Roberts—Singer: She does a fun country performance to an original song called Raised Right. It is based on Star Wars and is actually quite cool….but I don’t see the Star Wars connection? That being said, I do like her voice and the band that accompanies her, giving the act a rock and roll edge.

Howie is not a fan, but the others enjoy it and give her three yeses.



Arshiya—Acrobat: She is thirteen and traveled all the way from India to do an acrobatics routine. What makes the routine unique is the fact that it has a horror theme to the song Ring Around the Rosy. I am completely blown away by this entire thing. It is like nothing I have ever seen before…and I have been watching this show since day one!

The judges think this is incredible and give her four yeses.



Chris Ivan—Novelty: A bunch of dudes do a Guiness Book of World Records stunt where they get plungers to stick to their backs…..and they get buzzed off the stage.


Tonikaku—Novelty: He was a finalist on BGT and does an act where he takes off his pants and reveals another pair of pants….all while posing like a fitness model…..and I don’t know what to do with any of this information.

The judges give him four yeses.


Richard Goodall—Singer: He is a janitor who would sing while working, gaining a fanbase consisting of the student body, who help get him noticed. He performs Don’t Stop Believing and is just too cute for words. He has the voice, charisma and personality to go all the way.

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Apparently, Heidi agrees with me because she GIVES HIM A GOLDEN BUZZER!!!!



More next week, stay tuned!

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