A Tribute to Al Mellis

A Tribute to Al Mellis

A Tribute to Al Mellis

For the first time in my sixteen years of journalism, I am at a loss for words. I learned this weekend that my mentor, my friend, man who helped me became the journalist I am today, Mr. Al Mellis, has died.

We met in May 2008, thanks to my friend Sharon Balik, who knew my dreams of becoming a journalist. She introduced me to Al, who had me write my very first recap covering the season four premiere of So You Think You Can Dance. I wrote that recap with only a half hour’s notice and that very night became a published journalist. Al loved my recap and believed in me, so he soon gave me several other shows to recap, including America’s Got Talent, The Bachelor, the Big Brother Live Feeds….just to name a few.

Before long, I was interviewing celebrities for several shows and going to red carpet events, set visits and would become a member of the Critics Choice Association. All of this happened because Al believed in me. No matter what happened, he always believed in me. We may not have always seen eye to eye on everything, but he was always there for me throughout everything.

In 2017, he decided to retire and passed the site down to me. It was a true honor to take over the site and make it into what it is today. I am so thankful for everything Al and his family have done for me and am grateful to have had him in my life as a mentor and a friend. We may not have been in touch recently, but he was always on my mind and I thank him every day for everything he has done.

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The world is a bit darker without Al and watching Big Brother (the show he loved and the first show covered on the site) will never be the same. Our recaps/live feed coverage will be in honor of him each season going forward.

Al, I love you, am so grateful for you and you will never be forgotten. Thank you.

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