So Help Me Todd Recap for The Tooth is Out There

So Help Me Todd Recap for The Tooth is Out There

So Help Me Todd Recap for The Tooth is Out There

The final episode opens with Margaret in a spa, mulling over the Folding situation. Todd is with her, explaining how Ariel is involved and how Folding was bribing the judge all along. She says that she believes him but warns him that these are serious allegations.


They are let out of the spa box by an employee. It turns out there are they are there to see Reese Walters, America’s Mom, aka a beauty and mommy influencer. Margaret thinks this will get the firm out of trouble, while Todd wonders how she got the case. It turns out that the twins helped her out and they explain the case to her. Before she can get more information, Reese shows up for her presentation. Margaret thinks she will save the firm, while Todd wonders if there will be anything left of it.


Later on, Todd shows her the 28th floor, where she sees the signs from previous partners. They wait until the mail comes and find out it is for a charity. Judy comes in after her shower and explains that nobody comes in to pick up the mail She introduces herself to Margaret and says she brings them bagels….and is dating Todd.

After an awkward moment, Margaret and Todd go downstairs to do more work. She asks about Judy but is still focused on the case and not all that interested.


At the office, nobody is there due to being sick and not getting paid overtime. Margaret gets Todd to help, while Francey asks to talk to her. Todd gets to work after much protest, while Beverly comes in and tells her that the ship is going down and that they only have enough money to get through the summer. Margaret tries to tell her she has a new client, but Beverly says it is no use and that she chose her because she was strong.


Everything is in chaos with Todd trying to field calls. Susan then serves Margaret, who is being sued by Allison due to lack of payment for her case help. Everyone continues to panic while Margaret heads to court.

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Margaret meets with Eve Parsons, who is suing Reese’s company La Brilliance for abuse. She is confused because she thought she was representing the company, but she agrees to help Eve when she explains her situation and how she must support her kids.


Lyle and Todd work the phones and the case at the same time, realizing that the charity is a front for buying the verdicts. Todd is overwhelmed, so Susan helps him forward the calls to his cell phone, while Lyle answers the phone as the charity by mistake.


Margaret meets with another lawyer who is willing to help her if she wins the case, promising her to join the ‘Roses’ sisterhood and more clients. Margaret agrees to work together but is warned that it could get ugly.

Gus comes in and says that he is working the same case but for the opposite side. They argue and wonder how they can work the case while being in a relationship. Gus warns her that La Brilliance will bury her, but Margaret vows that this won’t happen.


Todd, Lyle and Margaret work together to do some research for the case. The guys crash a photoshoot for La Brilliance while pretending to be a married couple. They get made up and question everyone involved about Reese. Everyone says that she is lovely and America’s mom. However, they are willing to spill dirt when he mentions Eve….but quickly clam up with Reese walks in and makes Lyle her cover guy.


Todd sneaks out and forwards the company’s calls to his phone. Margaret picks him up in the mask she gave him….scaring him. Once he calms down, he says that there is another woman named Diana who was hurt by Reese. As they drive, they see a company van connected ot the charity and decide to follow it.


Todd decides to go undercover and get dental work from said charity. Dex, the man from the van, says everything is funded and he is glad to work after flunking dental school. He says Todd needs a bunch of dental work, but almost electrocutes Todd when he tries to use the drill. Todd runs as Dex gives Margaret a card for a tip.

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As Todd and Lyle continue working the phones, they figure out that the dental place is indeed connected to the fake charity and the app for the tips converts money into Swiss francs.

As they work on it and figure out what to do, Susan and Allison argue over the lawsuit Allison has against Margaret. Todd goes to see what is going on, but she continues to rant at him. He tries to get her to calm down, but no avail. After she storms off, Susan and Todd talk about the Allison situation. As they talk, Judy calls. He lets the call go to voicemail and tells Susan about the relationship. She says it sounds like Judy is the way he was when they dated.

Another phone rings with Todd wondering who could be calling.


The La Brilliance case continues, with Margaret on the losing end. Gus tells her that a new expert is being brought in, despite the fact that they are not allowed to discuss the case. The expert is none other than Harry, Margaret’s ex-husband.


It turns out Harry has privileged information, but he cannot give it to her, despite still loving her. However, when Gus is called away, Harry offers to help her with the case. She tells him to go away and storms off.


Judy tells Todd that she thought he was avoiding her calls, but sees how busy he is with fielding law firm calls. She is able to help him by taking a call in Portuguese. The call ends up being connected with the La Brilliance case.


Meanwhile, Lyle gets a picture of someone who is connected with the fake charity. However, it is encrypted, so they must wait for it to show up.


Francey tells Margaret she is taking a new job with a rival company. Margaret tries to argue with her over it, but Francey says she has to go….but Margaret has to ‘fire’ her. Margaret reluctantly agrees to do it after much arguing on Francey’s part.


Harry keeps calling and texting Margaret, so she tosses her phone away.


Margaret finally meets Harry despite her misgivings. He says he was in the offices for La Brilliance for a job and found some paperwork that might help her. She refuses to take it, but he says there is a woman from the company who had Grenfall Syndrome.

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Todd and Margaret try to get Allison to help, but she tells them to google it. Margaret offers her whatever she wants, but she refuses to help. The three of them argue about it, with Todd and Margaret offering to help Allison through the mystery of her life.


Allison finally caves and tells them that it is actually Granfeldt Syndrome, a rare condition from severe burns.


They realize that Diana was burned and that this is why she needs the money. Todd and Margaret go to work on both the cases, leaving Allison alone.


As Todd waits for the photo to de-crypt, Margaret questions a woman named Lainie, who initially sings Reese’s praises….until Margaret brings up Diana. Lainie plays dumb, but then says that Reese threw coffee on Diana’s baby, causing the burns and Granfeldt Syndrome. Reese runs out of the court.


Todd almost has the picture when Judy comes in with cake. He kisses her.


Margaret celebrates the win and is met with congratulations and new clients.


Todd and Judy see the picture while Ariel calls…..


Allison opens a detective book she gave Todd.


Margaret calls Francey to tell her the firm is saved as she walks into the office and sees her name on the sign. She tells Susan she is promoted, but Susan is on the phone about a new job offer.


Margaret tells Todd she won the case and signed 23 new clients, saving the firm. Todd is not happy and shows her the picture from the file….and it is Margaret’s passport photo. She realizes she was duplicate checks and therefore being framed by Folding. Todd promises they are together as Beverly drunkenly tells them Folding is on his way up. He steps off the elevator as the show comes to a close.


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