Jane EP and Creator JJ Johnson Interviewed

Jane EP and Creator JJ Johnson Interviewed

How would you describe the premise of Jane?

-Jane is a show about a little girl who desperately wants to save the world but lives in the middle of nowhere so instead she imagines herself (and her friends) on fantastical adventures saving animals, adventures that ultimately spill into the real world causing real world changes.

  • What made you decide to get involved in the project?

-I created Jane after the birth of my daughter. I immediately felt this huge responsibility to her to do whatever I could to create a better world for her then the one she was inheriting.

  • What were some of your favorite moments of the season?

-We were so fortunate to get to travel through Canada, the U.S., Costa Rica and Kenya to film this series. Being in all those beautiful places was such a clear reminder of how incredible our planet is and how worthy it is of our protection.

  • What was the biggest challenge of working on the show?

-Working in live action and CG is always complicated because half your characters aren’t there. But that’s offset by working with kids, particularly Ava Louise and Mason, who are incredible actors and adept at imagining all the awesome animals around them (and chasing them.)

  • What is one scene you look forward to people seeing?

-Jane Goodall gave me a note in our first season on making sure that our Jane character’s mom was supportive of her endeavours. Dr. Goodall remarked how crucial a role her mom played in her life, even traveling with her to Africa. In our Lion episode we were able to nod to that great note in an episode where our Jane’s mom come to her aid by joining her on one of her imaginative adventures.

  • What was it like working with such a delightful cast?
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-We lucked out with these two! Not only are they brilliant performers, adept at action adventure moments and heartfelt ones, but they’re also just fun to be around. The fact that they both live the mission of this show was an added bonus.

  • How has this season evolved since last season?

-Absolutely, season 1 laid the groundwork, in this season we’re pushing the adventure. We’ve added a boring machine that allows our characters to shrink down and explore underground. Similarly, Jane is stepping up her activism, learning ever more creative ways to make a difference.

  • Who are some people you would like to see on the show in the future?

-So many! I’d love to have Greta Thunberg featured, she’s one of the people I think about often as I write Jane. Someone who took her anger and anxiety and morphed into global change. Such an inspiration!

  • What other projects are you working on?

-We’ve got Dino Dex (the latest installment in our Dino Dana franchise) coming out this Fall on Amazon and we’re developing a series with Bill Nye and the Planetary Society called “Spaceships” that I can’t wait to make!

  • Tell me a fun fact about yourself.

-I have an irrational fear of werewolves.

  • What are you watching these days?

-Anything Star Trek, but also loving X-Men ‘97, the new Fraggle Rock (I’m a huge Henson fan and even got to direct on this latest season) and Fallout.

  • Anything else you want to share?

-Just for people to please check out the show, get inspired, be hopeful and let’s save the world!

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