Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for Diamonds Are Made to Sparkle

Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for Diamonds Are Made to Sparkle

Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for Diamonds Are Made to Sparkle

The episode opens with Abishola making breakfast. Bob is delighted and Abishola tells him that it is so he has strength for his meeting. They discuss his stress, weight and a possible heart attack, which leads to Abishola saying that is all what led to them meeting.

Meanwhile, Ebun is on the phone bragging about how much money they will soon have. The couple is bemused by this.


Later on, Bob is at work with Christina, Kofo, Doug and Goodwin for the Tokyo meeting. They talk about what will happen and if Bob is really ready for this to happen. Goodwin is more than ready, but the twins worry if Bob is going to be able to go through with it. Kofo tells him to kill them with kindness, leading to Bob to kick them all out, while Christina takes mental pictures of the possible last board meeting. As they reminisce, the phone rings and they all leave Bob alone.


Dele tells Abishole he got a message from a family member on Instagram asking for money and Pelotons.  Ebun is happy with this and wants to send them more stuff, but Abishola thinks it is a bad idea, thinking it will send bad juju. Dele thinks they deserve new things, but Ebun says he is not rich, they are.


Gloria and Kemi have lunch with Abishola and they continue to discuss money, debating on flaunting wealth. Abishola thinks she should get new sunglasses, but Kemi says if she takes her look, she takes her life.

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Everyone is in the breakroom waiting for news. Christina says it is like waiting for a baby while Doug freaks out. Kofo beings in coffee and treats to try and get news. Doug then wonders if he should get a girlfriend before getting money so she will love him for him, but Christina says wait for the money so he knows why she loves him.


The debate continues with Tokyo, Bob and Goodwin. The twins and Kofo try and interfere, so Bob shoos them away.


That night, Abishola shows Ebun her new designer shoes. She finds them uncomfortable, but Ebun calls it rich people life. Bob comes in and says they should not get carried away just yet since Ebun is bugging him about money. He talks about the negotiations and how no one wants to budge. He tells Abishola to keep the shoes, but wait on the house Ebun wants….even though she got an email about it.


Goodwin is pigging out in the breakroom and tells Christina that Tokyo wants to fire all the employees so they are not taking the deal. They discuss the issue and are glad they did the right thing, even if it meant no sale.


Bob drinks a beer and watches Dele play video games. He explains the issue with the deal comparing it to the video game, leading to a short, sweet bonding moment.


Ebun finds Abishola’s shoes in the trash because Abishola thinks they are cursed. Ebun thinks she may have been too pushy and says everything will be fine. She then goes to pray over the shoes.

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Goodwin meets with Bob and gives him another option for a buyer….him. Bob wonders if he has the money and he assures him that he does. Bob wants to keep it in the family….so gives him the business because he is family. Christina, Doug and Kofo cry as they watch the deal come alive.


That night, Abishola and Bob toast to the buyout with ‘cheap, American champagne’ and agree to go to dinner. Ebun brags to a random relative as the episode comes to a close.

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