America’s Got Talent Recap for 6/4/2024

America's Got Talent Recap for 6/4/2024

America’s Got Talent Recap for 6/4/2024

The second audition night of NBC’s America’s Got Talent is here! We have Terry Crews back as host and Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara and Simon Cowell back as judges.

This season, each judge gets two Golden Buzzers and Terry Crew gets one.

Terry and Heidi each used one last week during the season premiere.


Chrisyus Whitehead: He is five years old and from Florida. If he wins, he will help all the poor and homeless people and then give money to the whole world….and buy 200 slime and squishy toys for himself if there was any left over.


He is playing the drums….and I cannot get over the cuteness. He just looks like he is having a ball on stage and everyone loves him…I cannot stop smiling.

The judges are beaming and his parents are looking on with pride. He gets four yeses.

As an aside, I love how he says sir and ma’am.


Ashes and Arrows: They are band with a bit of a country ballad feel to them, It is usually not my kind of music, but there is something so sweet and endearing about them…they kind of remind me of Rascal Flatts.

Everyone is smiling, singing along and there may even be some tears in the audience. WOW! They are amazing….I think that they will either get a Golden Buzzer, make it to the top five or both!

Howie compares it to a pub performance, but everyone else loves it and sends them to the next round.

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Hakuna Matata Acrobats: They’re from Africa and this is their first time in America. Their act is a ton of gymnastics, balancing and dance. I like how there is a bit of a danger to give it something extra. There is a bit of a glitch at one point, but they are able to get the act together and finish with a bang.

Everyone was shaking throughout the entire act, especially Sofia and Heidi.

The judges think it is next level and give them four yeses.


Alex Zinger: He is a dancer from Brooklyn who is giving me serious Joe Gorga/Robert DeNiro vibes…he is adorable. He dances like he’s never danced before….like ‘that guy’ in a bar or at a wedding after one too many. He is hilarious and fun though, I would totally hang out with him.

He gets buzzed off the stage despite the fact that the audience loves him.


Otama Collective: Their talent is…..playing music with doll heads on toilet plungers? I honestly have no clue because they are buzzed so quickly.


NiNi: She is a musician who does a rock and roll folk routine. It is like nothing I have ever seen before and I LOVE IT! It is quite unique and unexpected and so much fun.

The judges love her and send her to the next round.


Liv Warfield: She is a soul and R&B singer who has worked with Prince and Nancy Wilson. Well, hello, Powerhouse Diva! WOW. She has the vocals of a young Whitney Houston and such a commanding stage presence….It is easily one of the best of the night, but I would have loves to hear more of her rather than her background instrumentals.

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Sabrina: They are a Japanese dance act that leaves me speechless from start to finish. Every minute of it was incredible…the dancing, the music….everything…..they are definitely making it to the finals with an act like this….Simon even thinks they can win.

They make it to the next round.


Phil Lewis: He is a self-taught baton twirler that learned watching gratitude. He preps by praying, listening to Beyonce and eating a glazed donut. Everyone talks about their favorite donuts and Howie quips that they will talk more about donuts after this…and the judges all want donuts now…and so do I.

Phil does a dance and twirl routine that could put Bring it On to shame. He is just that good….I never really saw many baton routines, but this is incredible.

The judges adore him and send him to the next round. No word if anyone got any donuts after.


Bao Cuong: He does a danger act that I am literally watching through my fingers….it is gross but fascinating at the same time. He shoves random stuff up his nose and I have no idea what else to do with this information.

He goes to the next round.


Sky Elements: They take everyone outside and do some sort of drone act with lights…that is done in two parts since they cut to commercial mid-act. The commercial break leads us to a light show with a space theme. It is by far my favorite act of the night, possibly the whole series. If I were a judge, I’d give it a Golden Buzzer. Adding Simon as an astronaut was icing on the cake.

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More next week, stay tuned.

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