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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Snark and Highlights for 11/1/2023

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Snark and Highlights for 11/1/2023

-Is it me, or are these taglines getting stupider every season?

-Confronting a friend over how they treated you over an English tea is next level…on all levels. I have no words for this.

-Dorit seems like she cannot catch a break….the robbery, her bag being stolen in the store, the PTSD…I feel so bad for her.

-I am glad Erika apologized, but did she really LEARN from this?

-Sutton is so relatable when it comes to dating. She and I are a lot alike when it comes to being nervous and awkward…and intimidating.

-Crystal and her brother have the sweetest relationship—they have ups and downs, sure, but they seem to have a nice closeness.

-PK recreating the Pretty Woman story for Dorit is sweet and something I never expected him to do.

-‘It’s called Postmates.’ Sutton is so honest……I love it.

-Garcelle breaking down over Jax wanting to live with his dad and feeling like a failure as a mom is so sad…..I just want to hug her.

-The bond between Sutton and Garcelle is so unique to the show….it is so raw and real.

-Dorit! Honey! Calm down, eat, drink and wait for your surprise.

-The kids calming Dorit down is so cute.

-Dorit is worried about her bronzer….girl, just enjoy the experience!

-This celebration is so romantic……

-From Top Gun, NOT Pretty Woman while those people do their rendition of Take My Breath Away completely sent me…..the singing….was….something…..

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-Vodka soda (Belvedere vodka) with three lemons squeezed in carcass out…..see, Dorit? I pay attention!

-I cannot believe Portia is 15….I remember her as a baby on the show.

-Why is Estella bringing up the marriage rumors at the birthday party? That is so rude!

-Now Kyle and Mauricio are fighting….let Portia have a nice birthday…..sheesh!

-Erika giving up fighting for Lent….let’s see if this actually happens.

-Dorit not having a glam squad and Crystal bringing hers is not what I expected.

-I need to find a way to stay in this hotel….wow……

-Dorit and Kyle are sharing a bed….which gives us a flashback to the Denise season.

-So much for the fighting not happening…..

-More next week, stay tuned.

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