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Married to Medicine Snark and Highlights for 11/19/2023

Married to Medicine Snark and Highlights for 11/19/2023

-Yeast infections, STDs and jail ministry is not what I expected from Dr. Jackie and Dr. Simone’s lunch conversation.

-If a wedding is that hard to plan…maybe scale down?

-Sweet Tea needing an assistant to take care of basic needs is….a choice. Dr. Simone is right, she needs to step up and grow up, especially if she wants to be married.

-Is Patron the universal shot to take before somenone gets married? I feel like everyone drinks it before they get married.

-Sweet Tea is getting married NEXT WEEK and hardly anything is done? Or it needed to be changed?

-Sweet Tea being ‘taught a lesson’ and having the same issues Quad did with Dr. G is really troubling. I know I said they seemed sweet last week but now I find the entire relationship disturbing.

-Dr. Simone admits to coddling her kids….and is surprised they don’t want to grow up?

-According to Dr. Heavenly….you can keep a man by making him spaghetti. All righty then!

-The fact that Dr. Heavenly and her husband don’t want Alaura going too far for school because of the internet, AI and the weather is completely WTF and makes me think there is something else going on….or they are being sexist since they didn’t mind their sons leaving.

-Why would a woman call her husband daddy? I keep hearing that and it makes no sense to me.

-Cecil saying that Dr. G’s bachelor party will consist of yoga…..nobody is buying that… all.

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-Chippendale pampering day was not on my bingo card for Sweet Tea’s bachelorette party….but you do you, girl!!!

-Thirteen to fourteen thousand more dollars for the change in venue? I am with the other ladies, I’d just say eff it and elope at this point.

-That tantrum was…..a choice. I honestly have no words for any of this…..sheesh!

-The fact that we went from tantrums to hot men giving massages is the kind of segue that I never expected.

-Why is Quad at the bachelorette party for her ex-husband’s fiancée?

-At least Quad brought gifts, but it was inappropriate for Phaedra to invite her.

-Sweet Tea doesn’t want people to bring up Quad’s name normally, but she’s okay with her at the party? I am with Dr. Heavenly, it makes no sense.

-Dr. Simone and Toya kicking Quad out…..that was such a great way to end the show.

-More next week, stay tuned.

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