Mean Girl Murders Recap for Desperate Texas Housewives

Mean Girl Murders Recap for Minnesota Vicious

Mean Girl Murders Recap for Desperate Texas Housewives

-This week’s episode of Mean Girl Murders takes place in Princeton, Texas and is titled Desperate Texas Housewives.


-Princeton is a small town in Texas where people know each other’s business and can quickly turn from love to hate. There are a lot of rumors and gossip, leading to people’s reputations being destroyed in an instant.


-Kelli Underwood was one of the women who suffered such a wrath. She was a beautiful woman who got a lot of male attention, leading to girls being very jealous of her popularity.


-Kelli was not one to start a fight, but would finish one if necessary. She was best friends with a girl named Tiffany, who stuck with her throughout high school.


-Tiffany and Kelli would drift apart over the years, but would remain friendly. Tiffany would go on to be a wife and mom, while Kelli was a single mom looking for her Prince Charming. Before long, the women would reconnect and move in together and become a blended family with their kids and Tiffany’s husband Ronnie.


-Ronnie offered Kelli a job, leading them to have a new bond. Tiffany soon began to suspect the two of them were having an affair, causing a rift in her friendship with Kelli.


-Kelli was shocked by the allegations and was very hurt that Tiffany would think this. Tiffany ended up moving out, while Kelli continued to move up in the company where she worked with Ronnie.

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-Tiffany filed for divorce and Kelli started to get harassed by someone accusing her of being a homewrecker. Despite this, Ronnie and Kelli began a relationship. However, she soon found out Ronnie was with another woman named Kadie.


-On September 20th, 2017, Kelli’s daughter Kayden became concerned that she had not heard from her mother in a few days. She went to her house to investigate, only to find her shot and stabbed to death.


-Kayden was questioned and mentioned that Tiffany and Kadie could have been potential suspects, Ronnie was also questioned and he admitted that he was with both Kelli and Kadie at the same time, that latter of whom was the mother of his youngest child.


-Another man named Robert Veal was questioned since he did work in Kelli’s house. He became a person of interest when he refused to cooperate with police and tampered with his phone when he was asked to turn it in for the investigation.


-Meanwhile, Kelli’s loved ones remained in shock and wondered who could have hurt her in such a violent way. Some of them suspected Tiffany, but Kayden didn’t think this was the case. She also thought that Kadie was innocent since they bonded over losing their moms after Kelli had died.


-Another suspect named D, aka Delvin Powell soon became another suspect who was seen by Kelli’s house. He had several domestic violence charges against him, making him a person of interest. A search of his car and hotel room showed that he had weapons that matched the ones used in Kelli’s murder. He is arrested, but Kayden felt as if there was more to the story.

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-More graffiti with obscene messages was found where Kelli had lived, making it clear that there was more to the murder than met the eye.


-Two weeks after the murder, phone records reveal that Kelli and Kadie were talking about Ronnie and the new baby. It is also learned that Kadie was getting paranoid, especially since Kelli and Ronnie were still seeing each other. Things came to a head the previous July when Kadie and Kelli fought at Kelli’s house. At that same time, Kelli was trying to break things off with Ronnie.


-In a other twist, a friend of Kadie’s admitted that Kadie and Ronnie were planning on planting drugs on Kelli to get her arrested. When that didn’t work, they decided to take things a step further and have her killed. The two of them are questioned and despite denying it at first, she finally admitted that Ronnie hired Robert and Delvin to kill Kelli. He, for his part, admitted that he acted alone and took full responsibility for the murder.


-However, a deep dive into phone records show that Kadie was more involved than she and Ronnie let on. She also lied to Kayden about her own mother, who was still alive.


-Ronnie, Kadie, Delvin and Robert were all arrested with the latter two getting life in prison and the former two pleading guilty and getting lesser sentences.

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