Kids Baking Championship Recap for 1/9/2023

Kids Baking Championship Recap for 2/13/2023

Kids Baking Championship Recap for 1/9/2023

  • Happy birthday, Genevieve!


  • Those sprinkle logos of Duff and Valerie are so adorable.


  • The challenge: Making their logos on a cake. The twist? Chocolate for Team Duff and vanilla for Team Valerie. They will each get an accent flavor for their cakes. The winning team will get immunity.


  • Twist! Incorporate almonds into the cake

The Cakes:

Naiel: Chocolate with cinnamon pastry cream and vanilla buttercream. Almond and mascarpone whipped cream added post twist.

Sohan: Vanilla with strawberry curd in the middle and topped with vanilla Swiss buttercream. Almond buttercream added post twist.

Jason: Vanilla with caramel in the middle and vanilla American buttercream on top.

Alissa: Vanilla with lemon curd filling and vanilla  almond Swiss buttercream on top.

Ozan: Chocolate cake with banana pastry cream and vanilla American buttercream.

Nash: Chocolate cake with pumpkin buttercream.

Genevieve: Chocolate cake filled with raspberry jam and vanilla almond butter buttercream.

Naho: Chocolate cake with cherry compote and chocolate ganache. Almonds are added in the middle after the twist is announced.

Foster: Vanilla cake with coffee pastry cream and coffee almond Swiss meringue.

Peyton: Vanilla cake with peach buttercream. Almond buttercream is added.


  • Poor Ozan’s pastry cream scrambled and now he has to start all over. He decides to switch gears and make bananas cooked down Bananas Foster style.


  • Foster’s cake completely falls apart as she tries to remove it from the pan.
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  • Genevieve’s cake sinks in the middle, so she adds her almond butter in the middle to save it.


  • Alissa’s lemon curd doesn’t work, so Sohan tells her to make a lemon simple syrup with lemon zest instead.


  • Genevieve’s logo breaks, so she needs to fix it using her piping skills.


  • Several other contestants have logo issues, so they also must find alternate situations for their logos.


Sohan’s logo is backwards, so he tries to fix it, only to make the same mistake.




Jason: The logo is messy, but the cake is rich.

Genevieve: It is colorful and despite tasting delicious, it has a bit too much filling.

Alissa: The cake looks beautiful but is missing the logo. It also lacks lemon flavor.

Nash: It is a bit messy, but it is delicious and moist.

Peyton: The cake is a bit underbaked and lacks peach flavor.

Naho: Her logo melted, and the cake is lacking chocolate.

Sohan: The logo is still backwards, but the cake is delicious.

Naiel: The cake is black, which worries the judges, but they love the flavor.

Foster: It is filled with trail mix, which is an interesting twist. However, there is way too much extract in the cake and buttercream.

Ozan: The almonds in his cake are a bit burnt, but the rest of it tastes amazing.


  • Team Vanilla winner: Sohan


  • Team Chocolate winner: Naiel


  • Overall winner: Naiel–giving Team Chocolate immunity


  • Sohan, Jason and Alissa are also safe.


  • Peyton and Foster are in the bottom two, with Foster going home.
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  • More next week! Stay tuned!
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