ICMYI: Call Me Kat Recap for Call Me Prescription Roulette

ICMYI: Call Me Kat Recap for Call Me Prescription Roulette

ICMYI: Call Me Kat Recap for Call Me Prescription Roulette

The episode opens with Kat and Max helping Sheila move into her retirement home. Sheila is being snarky to Kat about her weight and clothes, all while complaining about her new home. Max and Kat try to make her feel better, but no avail. However, she is happy her gin is safe in Kat’s ‘ratty old baby blanket.’


At the cafe, Kat and Randi discuss Sheila’s new life when Kat notices Randi’s ring is missing. Kat tries to question the customers, but Randi admits she isn’t wearing it because she hates the ring. Kat encourages her to talk to Carter and to tell him the truth.


Kat goes to visit Sheila with wine, but is surprised when she doesn’t answer the door. She is able to get in and sees her socializing. Sheila’s new friends seem to like her, which makes Sheila jealous.


Carter is chatting with a customer about the holidays and his engagement when Randi comes in to talk. Carter tells her to show off the ring and says he made it himself to symbolize her love for her and the Louisville Cardinals. Randi changes her mind about talking to him about the ring at the moment.


Kat continues to socialize with Sheila’s friends, making Sheila even more upset because they seem to prefer Kat’s company.


Back at the cafe, Kat shows off pictures from the retirement home when Sheila walks in for coffee. She tells Kat she is not welcome at bingo because it is for residents only. Kat wants her to bend the rules, but Sheila says it is not possible.

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Later on, Randi meets with Carter and gives him his own engagement ring. She hopes he will hate it, but he ends up loving it. She tries to convince him to hate it, but he really loves it. She finally ends up telling him the truth about how she feels about her own ring, causing them to get into a fight and him storming out.


Kat crashes the bingo game by working as a volunteer. Sheila gets upset and thinks that Kat is hogging the attention. The two them end up fighting and Sheila storms off in anger.


That night, Carter and Max talk about the issue with Randi. Carter is still upset, so Max tells him that the fact that Randi loves him is more important. They also agree that the holy trinity in love is sex, beer and sports….preferably at the same time.


Randi and Kat have their own talk as Kat prepares bracelets for the retirement home people who are visiting. Randi says she is keeping the ring since it is only a thing.


The gang shows up and want to know why Sheila is not there. Kat thinks that she is more popular than Sheila and drives everyone to leave. Kat keeps trying to make them still be their friends, but they think it is too weird without Sheila.


Carter and Randi finally talk things out calmly and agree that she should pick out her own ring. They kiss and make up—agreeing to do the holy trinity.

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The episode ends with Kat back at the retirement home. She has a heart to heart to Sheila and they make up.

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