AGT: All Stars Recap for 1/23/2023

AGT: All Stars Recap for 1/23/2023

AGT: All Stars Recap for 1/23/2023

Act 1: Power Duo: Pilipinas Got Talent 2016 Winner–Aerialists: Their initial performance helped showcase their love story. They are now married with a baby.

Tonight’s performance is off the charts….WOW. I am in awe of how GOOD they are….from the dancing to the chemistry and everything in between—WOW!

The judges love the performance, despite the fact that there was a mistake in the middle of the routine.


Act 2: Cristina Rae: AGT 15–Singer: She was Heidi’s Golden Buzzer during her season. The show led to her and her baby getting a house and amazing opportunities. She was brave enough to take on Hold My Hand by Lady Gaga and it was such a great choice.

The judges enjoy it, although Howie doesn’t think it was out of the park.



Act 3: Human Fountains: AGT 13–Variety: They are spitting mustard onto hot dogs and I have no clue what to do with this information.

Simon buzzes them, but Heidi enjoys the act.



Act 4:Emil and Dariel: AGT 9: Music–They play the cello with a Take on Me theme. It is nothing I ever would have thought of, but everything I need in my life.

Howie and Simon aren’t fans, but Heidi enjoyed the act.



Act 5: Darius Mabda: Romania’s Got Talent 2022 Winner–Dance: He is so nervous he cries, but still manages to give a performance worthy of a standing ovation. How this kid has talent of this caliber at such a young age is beyond me….I am floored by how incredible he is….I am literally speechless.

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The judges are amazed by him!

Act 6: Sacred Riana: Asia’s Got Talent Winner/AGT 13–Magician: The horror theme with Howie being ‘stabbed’ is quite interesting. I am pretty amazed by how they were able to make such a creative act.I hope we get to see more of them in the future.

The judges are terrified, but still love the act.



Act 7: Aidan McCann: BGT 2020–Magician: He has been doing magic snce he was five and now he is back as a teenager. I like the comic book theme and how he was able to make himself and Terry into superheroes. It is a clever twist!




Act 8: Robert Finley: AGT 14—Singer: He sings an original song that absolutely wows everyone in the room. It is incredible to see how much he has grown as a singer over the years.

The judges like him so much they wish they had a platinum buzzer for him.



Act 9: Mini Droids: Belgium’s Got Talent 2021 Winner–Dance: They remind me of a boy band mixed with comedy. I cannot even put it into words, but I love them.

The judges like them but want MORE!


Act 10: Ndlovu Youth Choir: AGT 14–Choir: I remember their season and was a huge fan. They are better than ever tonight and it would be a shock if they don’t make it to the next round.

The judges are blown away and thrilled that they returned for the show!


Superfan Winner: Power Duo


More next week, stay tuned!

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