ICYMI: The Amazing Race Recap for 11/30/2022

ICYMI: The Amazing Race Recap for 11/30/2022

ICYMI: The Amazing Race Recap for 11/30/2022

The penultimate episode of this season of CBS’s The Amazing Race takes us to the Republic of Iceland. The teams immediately fall in love with Iceland and look forward to the next leg of their adventure.


The first part of the leg takes them to Solheimajokull, where they both must climb up a glacier to retrieve the flag of Iceland. Once they accomplish this, they can get their next clue.


Luis and Michelle complete this first and head to Fljotshligatfoss. They are closely followed by Aubrey and David. Derek and Claire and Emily and Molly follow, despite Emily’s injury slowing her and Molly down.


Derek and Claire get to the Roadblock first, thanks to the other teams struggling with navigation issues. They  now must head into a cave, get their next clue and then reunite with their partner.


Derek finishes first, followed by Luis. David struggles with the swimming, which gives Molly a chance to catch up.


Derek and Luis then head to Silfra Fissure, with David and Molly not too far behind. The teams must then swim between two tectonic plates, looking for names of volcanoes and then completing a memory quiz.


Claire relies on mnemonics  to do the task and is at ease with the swimming. She and Derek complete the task and head to Gullfoss Falls for the Pit Stop.


David struggles with the swimming again, as well as the quiz. The other teams also struggle with the quiz, but soon Luis and Michelle complete it, followed by Emily and Molly.

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David and Aubrey continue to struggle and decide to forgo the task and take the two hour penalty.



  1. Derek and Claire–also get Expedia points for a trip to London
  2. Luis and Michelle
  3. Emily and Molly
  4. Aubrey and David–Eliminated


Finale next week, stay tuned!

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