Call Me Kat Recap for 12/1/2022: Call Me Fancy Puffenstuff

Call Me Kat Recap for 12/1/2022: Call Me Fancy Puffenstuff

Call Me Kat Recap for 12/1/2022: Call Me Fancy Puffenstuff

This week’s episode of Call Me Kat is the final episode with the late Leslie Jordan. It opens with Phil and Randi planning a Thanksgiving drink with Carter and Sheila, while debating about pumpkin spice. Phil gives them a themed drink he concocted, but everyone hates it. Sheila washes it down with vodka.


Max and Kat come down in couples’ shirts for Thanksgiving. This earns them snarky comments. They all discuss their plans for the holiday, leading to Kat suggesting she have a party. The gang makes fun of her, but finally agree to do it.


Later on, the gang plus Jalen are waiting to find out what Kat has planned when she comes downstairs dressed as a flapper woman. Everyone is confused, but Carter just wants to eat.


The party is a twenties murder mystery theme. Nobody seems particularly excited, but Kat tries to make it nice and says that Tom Turkey was murdered. Kat asks Alexa how long the turkey will take to cook, but it is too long for Carter, who asks how long it is until a human starves to death. He is upset because it takes 21 days and now he is just a man in maternity pants.


Everyone gets their roles, but only Carter seems happy. Phil just wants to gush over Jalen and Max wants to be on his phone waiting for news from the record label. Kat gets upset and blows up on everyone. Carter says he is looking for clues in the side dishes, but complains about the flavor.

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The gang decides to make it into a drinking game, making Kat even angrier. She gives in on letting everyone drink, but everyone wants the game to be over. They make it silly by making accusations and drinking, but it soon comes to an end when Phil, Jalen and Sheila drink and chat and everyone else continues to drink.


Kat finally serves the turkey, but she drops it and everyone makes a mad dash to eat it off the floor.


Kat declares it the best Thanksgiving ever, but changes her mind the next morning when everyone is hung over. Phil discovers he told Jalen he loved him, causing him to go home, Max woke up to news that the record label loved his demo and he is going to Nashville and Randi just wants everyone to be quiet.


Everyone was the murderer for Tom Turkey.



Back at the cafe, Phil wants relationship advice, which turns into a debate about if he should text him. He makes a draft of a text, but Randi knocks the phone out of his hand.


Max comes in and says that he isn’t meeting with the record label. Everyone is confused, so Kat goes to talk to him. He says he missed the alarm and the meeting, and they won’t let him reschedule. Kat kisses him and realizes he has been drinking. She questions him about it, but it leads to them fighting.


Later on, the gang discusses Max’s drinking. As they are talking, Jalen comes over and has a heart to heart with Phil. He admits he was freaked out and admits he sees a future with him. They make it official.

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Kat gets a call that Max got arrested for public intoxication. They all go to get him and while Phil, Carter and Randi joke about it, Kat wants answers. He admits he has been drinking too much due to issues with the music and too much free time. He decides to change his ways and apologizes.


The episode ends with everyone still making fun of Kat’s party.

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