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The Masked Singer QuickCap for 11/30/2022

The Masked Singer QuickCap for 11/30/2022#image_title

The Masked Singer QuickCap for 11/30/2022

It has all come down to this. We are at the season finale for Fox’s The Masked Singer and one woman will win it all. Will it be the Harp or the Lambs? We find out tonight.

Before we get to the winner being crowned, we get a look back on Harp’s journey.

We also get to see behind-the-scenes moments with the eliminated contestants.

The Lambs also get their own montage. Afterward, we get a recap of the season’s biggest moments.

The Lambs are NOT Haim and the Harp is NOT Fantasia.

Gloria Gaynor performs and is incredible as per usual.

After a reminder of the major clues for both the Harp and the Lambs, we FINALLY get down to business.

The Harp performs Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga and the judges think it could be Jordin Sparks, Amber Riley, Jennifer Hudson or Yvette Nicole Brown.

The Lambs sing I’m Every Woman. The guesses are The Kardashians, The Chicks or Wilson Phillips.

The Lambs then sing I Want To Know What Love Is, while Harp sings Gravity.


Second place goes to the LAMBS!!!! Their identity is………………WILSON PHILLIPS!!!!





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