Big Brother 24 Recap for 9/22/2022: The Cookout Returns

Big Brother 24 Recap for 9/22/2022: The Cookout Returns

Big Brother 24 Recap for 9/22/2022: The Cookout Returns

This is the final eviction for CBS’s Big Brother 24 before the finale. Before we get to that, we have a jury segment and home videos to get to….as well as more drama!


Taylor and Monte get into a fight. It seems like they are getting on each other’s nerves, but some of the stuff Monte says, which I will not repeat because it is problematic, is completely uncalled for, especially when he brings up past incidents. She apologizes for her behavior and says that he should also apologize, especially for how he treated Brittany. Taylor decides to just focus on the game and not Monte.


Oh, and Monte tells Turner about him and Taylor.


Jury time! Terrance, Michael and Alyssa all talk about their evictions and they all seem to think Turner is a common denominator in their evictions, with Michael still upset that Turner didn’t own up to his role in Terrance’s eviction.


The final four get videos from home, which make everyone happy and leave them in tears.


Brittany tries one last time to appeal to Monte and convince him that she should stay in the house. She points out she would be better to bring to the final three since she would be easier to beat than Turner.


Eviction time! After Brittany and Turner give their final appeals, Monte decides to evict Brittany.

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After Brittany chats with Julie, The Cookout comes to the stage to discuss the season. Azah is disappointed that the women didn’t stick together like she had anticipated. Everyone seems to love Taylor and thinks that she has a good chance of winning. They also think Turner may have a chance, even though Xavier is annoyed by both him and Monte.


More tomorrow, stay tuned!

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