The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Highlights and Snark

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Snark and Highlights for 1/16/2022

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Highlights and Snark

  • Whitney and Justin on the pole together was hilarious….but if I attempted that, I would have knocked myself, or my man out.
  • For someone that lives on fast food and claims not to exercise, Lisa is built AF.
  • Mary continues to confuse me. She seems like an amazing woman, but she seems to get mad over the oddest things.
  • I would give anything to get a mani-pedi right about now. That being said, that seemed like the quickest, most uncomfortable pedi ever.
  • Here’s to burning in hell today!
  • Heather talking about how she needs to get in good with Jeff Dahmer to get into his level of heaven made me laugh way too hard.
  • I am loving this religion talk with Heather and her family. It is such an important conversation to have and one so many people are afraid to initiate.
  • Seeing Jen and Stuart on the slopes talking about business and life….and knowing what is about to happen is so weird.
  • WTF? Why is Mary punishing someone who is supposed to be her friend because she didn’t answer her phone or texts? I know she wanted an answer to her invite, but she should know Whitney is busy with life and work.
  • Assigning dress codes for a day of cooking is just plain weird.
  • Louis Vuitton or no, those aprons were a cute, thoughtful gift.
  • Lisa, cooking is not THAT bad….granted, I love to cook, but still.
  • Mary, she probably got busy and forgot to call. LET IT GO!
  • Who cares who sends people products or invites people to work events? I get feeling slighted, but Lisa explained the situation and she is right, it was her kids’ event, not hers.
  • How is calling someone a little girl a compliment?
  • Mary is really going nuts when it comes to yelling at people tonight.
  • Why does the church have a picture of Mary’s grandma and Jesus?
  • The Mary Whisperer made my laugh so hard.
  • What is it with these people having private jets?
  • This trip actually looks like fun.
  • Does anyone know if Sharieff was really sick or was it a lie so she can go on the run?
  • Like Sharieff, your husband? No, her mailman! Who else would it be?
  • There are police….with handcuffs!
  • NYPD in Salt Lake City? SWAT team? Homeland Security?
  • Why are they asking if she is okay? This whole thing is crazy!
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More next week, stay tuned!

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