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Vanderpump Rules Highlights for The Schwartz Shuffle

Vanderpump Rules Highlights for The Schwartz Shuffle

Check out the Vanderpump Rules highlights for The Schwartz Shuffle

  • Seeing the guys work out together is making me want a VDR Workout Video.
  • Tom’s Good Will Hunting Thigh to Trunk calculations is hysterical AF.
  • Why is Brock dressed like the love child of Elton John and a Miami Vice dude in his confessional?
  • Wow, Sandoval is NOT happy with Katie being involved.
  • Wait, a fake maître’d? A maître’d is some kind of waiter/waitress, so how would Katie be faking it if she is one?
  • I love how Lisa is willing to talk to Ariana and help her, but still gives her the tough love advice she needs.
  • This Coachella/surprise proposal James is planning sounds so special and epic. It is so sweet of Sandoval to help him out.
  • Lala’s rant about Ariana and wanting to drown here was one of the most WTF things she has said. Girl, I was rooting for you, we were all rooting for you! WTF?
  • Schwartz wanting to be reincarnated as a turtle at Bella Villa is so cute, but I would rather be one of her dogs.
  • Did Lisa really call Schwartz and Sandoval pussies?
  • A Jolly Rancher is an artifact now?
  • Scheana buying Summer Moon 20 outfits from the Palm Springs Collection is extra, but I would do the same thing for my goddaughters.
  • How are Tom and Katie even still together?
  • Katie seems to do nothing but complain this season.
  • I feel so bad Lala’s book didn’t make the NYT Bestseller’s List. However, Randall getting her a cake was so sweet.
  • Raquel’s reaction to Buffy the mannequin head’s eyebrows had me laughing for a good 5 minutes.
  • Pickleball is giving me flashbacks to high school gym class.
  • ‘I know gangsters, and Lala is not one of them.’ Quote of the night, courtesy of Charli!
  • James chanting ‘let’s get sexy’ is an entire mood.
  • I am dying laughing at this fashion show.
  • This bar is to VPR what Zen by Wen is to RHOP. Nobody seems to have a concept or plan for the bar.
  • I am living for Charli calling Lala out on her BS. I do love Lala, but she needs to be called out sometimes.
  • My heart broke when Charli broke down over her food issues. I just wanted to hug her.
  • How can Lala not understand how BITCH can be offensive to some people?

More next week, stay tuned!



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