ICYMI: Young Sheldon Recap for Potential Energy and Hooch on a Park Bench

ICYMI: Young Sheldon Recap for Potential Energy and Hooch on a Park Bench

ICYMI: Young Sheldon Recap for Potential Energy and Hooch on a Park Bench


This week’s episode of Young Sheldon opens with Adult Sheldon talking about potential while using toys of himself as a child and Dr. Sturgis.


This leads to young Sheldon talking to Dr. Sturgis and questioning why he is giving up his university job in favor of working in a grocery store. Dr. Sturgis insists that he is happy, but Sheldon believes otherwise.


George talks to Wilkins about date ideas, but every idea he comes up with has him thinking of Brenda.


Georgie arrives at work early and talks to Dale about not needing math or school. Dale tells him about dropping out of school to join the Army, which plants an idea in Georgie’s mind.


Sheldon sneaks into Dr. Linkletter’s car so he can try and get him to convince Dr. Sturgis to come back. Dr. Linkletter says there is nothing he can do, but ends up changing his mind and visiting him at the store. Dr. Sturgis is still not interested in coming back and actually ends up having Dr. Linkletter question his own career and life.


Georgie talks to the principal about how he is dropping out of school in order to work. The principal is confused and asks him if he is drinking, on drugs or dealing with a pregnant girlfriend. He gives Georgie a pamphlet on the topic, just in case…..and somehow agrees to tell George about Georgie’s plans.

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Mary is getting ready for date night while Missy watches TV. Missy tells her they have enough kids, but Mary insists it is just a date night.


George comes in, upset about the news of Georgie wanting to drop out of school. He wants to kick him out, but Mary says this is her house too. However, once she finds out Dale planted the idea in his head, she goes over to MeeMaw’s to yell at him. However, he insists he did nothing wrong and MeeMaw takes his side.


The fight between Mary and George continues over dinner, which leads to Sheldon and Missy feeling the tension and trying to fix things with jokes.


George then goes to yell at Dale, but doesn’t get anywhere.


Jana and Georgie drive around town when he tells her he dropped out of school. He tries to convince her that she is now dating a guy with a full time job, but this upsets her to the point of ending their relationship.


The two doctors end up in the park drinking and singing together…only to be spotted by Georgie and Jana, who call them losers.


Georgie goes to MeeMaw’s, only to be told that he is not welcome by George. MeeMaw tells him that it is her house and throws George out. She then tells Georgie he has only one night there and then he is out as well. He says he plans on getting his own place because he will be working full time, but Dale refuses to let him work full time. Georgie says he will get another job.

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At that moment, Dr. Sturgis shows up drunk. MeeMaw lets him stay for one night, while Dale decides to leave.


After Missy and Mary do dishes and argue with Sheldon, George and Mary continue their own argument. This upsets Sheldon, so they tell him there they are angrily agreeing with one another.


The episode ends with Georgie and Dr. Sturgis bonding….while Dr. Linkletter is still at the park, lost and confused.


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