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Blockboard, the first video media company based on Blockchain Technology announces two original program series set to debut this fall to holiday season 2021. The first show is Laughter is the Best Medicine. The series is set to make its initial debut this fall and run through December 31, 2021. The program is hosted by Ron Insana and features legends in comedy such as Tom Bergeron from Dancing with the Stars and Bob Saget from America’s Funniest Home Videos as well as other greats like Robert Klein and Russ Meneve.

The program is being produced and distributed by Blockboard, founded by media advertising and digital pioneer Matt Wasserlauf. The webisode will be distributed across Facebook,, and NY Post among others and will be geo-targeted to northern NJ and Manhattan, reaching over 2.6 mm people. The series fully integrates any sponsors making it a strong advertising vehicle with the messaging targeted to the proper outlets appropriate for any client and Blockboard can measure.

Here’s the link to the show:

“Both of these two series are a homerun for the viewer and the sponsor, says Matt Wasserlauf CEO of Blockboard, the first video company build on Blockchain Wasserlauf. “Our goal is to provide exciting content to the audience while meeting the client’s needs in terms of messaging and results.”

Also debuting this Fall is the American Health Journal, running from November 1, 2021, through February 28 th , 2022. This web series features 3-4 minutes of interviews with doctors about the human growth hormone. The series will be distributed across social media and CTV including Facebook and Roku and targeted to caregivers of patients. The show is produced by Windsor Broadcast Productions, the producers of the PBS award-winning American Health Journal, and directed and distributed by Blockboard. Some of the other programs on the Blockboard lineup include Digital Diaries– Quarantine Edition; #AlumniChallenge; Race to Home; American Health Journal; The American Table; Her Money Happy Hour; Friars Side Chats; Heading Home; One Dream Can Change the World; and Feel Ageless– At Home with Jennifer.

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About Blockboard:

Blockboard is The Video Accountability Company.  We built our Video platform on Ethereum blockchain providing our advertisers 100% validated video and full transparency.  Most importantly, we’re delivering our customers RESULTS.

Matt, your new series, Laughter is the Best Medicine has amazing comedians including, Ron Insana and other comedy legends such as Tom Bergeron, Bob Saget, Robert Kelin and Russ Meneve. What led you to this project?

Ron Insana is a member at the famed Friars Club in Manhattan and brought the concept to me.  When Englewood Health hospital said they’d love to bring a laugh during the pandemic to the community they serve in Bergen County, NJ, we were off to the races.  We’ve produced an engagement rate around 20%!

Laughter is the Best Medicine is an interview show with the legends of comedy hosted by Ron Insana (CNBC contributor).  Ron has interviews with legends as Robert Klein, Bob Saget and Kevin Pollack.

Matt, What do you enjoy most working on this series?

I most enjoy seeing a satisfied client.  In this case, it’s the Engagement Rate but on other shows, we drive Sales, Email Registrations or App downloads.  Happy customers is my greatest pleasure.

Matt, the show has already achieved a 21 percent engagement rate, which exceeds the industry standard of .08 percent. What does this say about the Blockboard solution? 

Our platform Blockboard is changing the game across digital video.  Our platform validates every single impression so our clients are seeing the results that come from good content delivered to real audience.  At Blockboard we integrate sponsors in whatever way is best for our sponsors.  With Laughter we incorporate branding on the screen and with an open card showing the sponsorship.  With other shows, we’ve integrated product into the Show and on all productions we allow the sponsor to host the show on their site or YouTube channels.

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Matt, tell us about the American Health Journal.

American Health Journal will be producing doctor’s interviews for a major pharmaceutical company to discuss conditions that soft sell their new FDA approved drug.  Blockboard will run this content to the target audience using CTV and Social Media.  It’s an exciting execution for an industry that has been relatively slow to adopt to the new digital video trend.

“Both of these two series are a homerun for the viewer and the sponsor.” Explain.

I’m big on baseball analogies so “homerun” aptly describes both of these shows.  They are both game-changers for their clients and the results will and have proven it.

How excited are you to work on these projects?

I run to work every day.  This is the most excited I’ve been about anything in my 30 year career in TV/Digital Video

What is next for Blockboard?

What is next for Blockboard is GROWTH!  We’re building a business and will likely look to do a capital raise in early 2022.  Our team is focused on building our platform and getting the word out to the world.  Look out!



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