BET+ Is Ready for The Holidays

BET+ Is Ready for The Holidays

BET+ Is Ready for The Holidays

BET+ has set the date for the original made-for-tv movie, Tressa Azarel Smallwood’s A Rich Christmas, starring Bill Bellamy (Def Comedy Jam), Brandee Evans (P-Valley), Denise Boutte (Meet The Browns) and Vanessa Williams (Soul Food),  directed by Victoria Rowell for ThursdayNovember 4th on their successful streaming platform, BET Plus.  In this exclusive kickoff of BET 2021 holiday programming, Tressa Azarel Smallwood’s  MegaMind Media brings you a delightful film centering on a spoiled socialite who will learn a lesson after her father asks her to work in a family homeless center.

‘Valerie Rich’ (played by Tyler Abron), a spoiled and ungrateful wealthy socialite, learns a valuable lesson one Christmas after her mega real estate businessman father, ‘Marshall Rich’ (Bill Bellamy in a quintessential role) decides to close the first property that started his business

— a homeless family shelter. Valerie, upset that her father wishes to replace their daddy/daughter trip to Aspen for Christmas by spending time volunteering at the homeless shelter, allows her boyfriend ‘Tyson’ (Faith Malonte) to convince her that stealing money from her fathers office would be the way for the couple to still make the trip to Aspen. Brandee Evans (who broke out on P-Valley and has become a household name) plays the pivotal role of ‘Carolyn,’ the indisputable presence who makes everyone understand what Christmas is truly about.


After Valerie and Tyson are caught for stealing, a disappointed Marshal gives Valerie the ultimatum of jail time or spending the holiday season living and volunteering at the shelter without access to her debit/credit cards, car and lavish apartment. Valerie chooses the time at the shelter during where she connects with families there and devises a holiday benefit to keep the shelter open. Marshal is proud of a changed Valerie and realizes that he lost his way too and decides to keep the homeless shelter open.

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