The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap for Del Mar by the Shade

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap for Del Mar by the Shade

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap for Del Mar by the Shade

Tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills opens with the ladies preparing for yet another trip. As they pack, the women all call each other to see who is bringing what and to gossip.


Dorit is upset with Garcelle and complains to Kathy, while Kyle and Crystal talk about the Sutton and Erika debacle.


Sutton, for her part, is having issues with her feet and is using bandages. However, she is still in a lot of pain, so she goes to get X Rays


Erika leaves early because she has her dog in the car.


Kathy forgot her purse with her phone, so she has to call “the lady” working in her house to bring it over.


Everyone arrives at the hotel, where the staff gives the grand tour.  After they choose their rooms, they drink and have a pop up picnic.


Since Sutton is not there, Erika complains about the fact that she called her a liar. Erika continues to talk about Tom’s accident, but keeps going off track, so Dorit and Kyle wonder if she is lying or leaving things out.


Garcelle arrives at the hotel and jokes that it reminds her of The Shining. Sutton joins her in a wheelchair, saying that she has a bad strain and has to stay off it completely for a week.

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Later on, everyone goes to dinner, with Kathy and Kyle being an hour late. Lisa tries to call her, but Kyle is too scared to answer.


Everyone gets to dinner, where Erika and Sutton immediately get into a fight. Dorit tries to clarify things, but makes Sutton feel attacked. Garcelle defends her and finally lets her guard down about feeling like an outsider. The women like seeing this side of her and there are hugs all around.


The next day, everyone except Erika go to a sound bath. It is something Kathy arrange for the ladies to relax.  They all seem to have a good time, but miss Erika.


Later on, Erika tells Kyle and Lisa about Tom’s issues about Tom being put into a facility for cognitive issues. She says she knew this since the day before and even though things are bad with her and Tom, she was still married to him for 22 years. She also talks about how his kids aren’t there and how she watched her grandparents go through this.


Lisa and Kyle are sympathetic and understand why she still cares about Tom.


More next week, stay tuned.

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